There is a place in Canada that you won’t find on any road map. It is called Liberal Heaven. It is not to be confused with the other Heaven because the stars there shine only for the Liberal Party and are justly rewarded for outstanding service.

Attaining Liberal Heaven is not an easy feat. It requires sacrificing your integrity, personal convictions, the tenets of your religion (if it gets in the way), and friends and relatives who don’t agree with you.

These people look at pensions, perks, and prestige (and even in failure land “consultant” jobs for $300,000 a year. See Joe Clark for details.) You had Crouton campaigning recently with an eye to the Paul Martin supporters: “Vote for me and I’ll resign in two or three years.” (The Rhinoceros Party suggested he might have garnered even more support if he had said: “Vote for me and I’ll resign immediately.”)

The election was decided before it was even called. The election map for a third term was designed by the shiniest star in the Liberal Heaven: John Rae, (brother of Bob Rae). His strategy was strike while your opponent is down. Stockwell Day was a new leader of a new party, with only one month as Opposition Leader, and facing mostly a lapdog pro-abort, pro-euthanasia, pro-homosexual media crowd.

John Rae, well aware of the old adage that the best defence is a good offence, kept hitting Stockwell. The bell had hardly rung when totally unfounded “scary” secret agenda charges were flying. Surely a shot in the ribs below the belt and followed up with a knee in the groin for fears engendered by the possibility of a referendum. Then Stockwell had to face this servile press never talking about killing unborn babies but endlessly talking up abortion and women’s reproductive rights.

Then a kidney punch: two-tier medicine. It’s here already! You have five government funded free-standing abortion clinics in Toronto alone projected to cost taxpayers ten million dollars in rent alone over the next ten years! You have the renowned Shouldice Clinic in Thornhill, Ontario, specializing in hernia operations. Let your fingers do the walking through the yellow pages of the phone book for other private medical clinics. Then you have oodles of rich Canadians running down to the States for cancer operations (the late Quebec Premier Bourassa for skin cancer).

I never thought I’d live long enough that it would hurt you politically to be called a Christian. Poor Stockwell Day, forced into a corner having to defend himself, saying that he was a Christian but he had no desire to introduce his religious beliefs into his politics. And then there was the accusation that Stockwell Day thought the Flintstones was a documentary. Ridiculous – they didn’t have colour in those days.

But it wasn’t as embarrassing as having “Catholics” like Crouton and Joe Clark proudly announce they were in favour of killing the unborn if their mothers choose to do so. Hey guys, it’s one of the Ten Commandments and automatically violates the teaching of the Catholic Church.

And a dried up turnip for every Catholic and Christian who voted for a pro-abortion Liberal or any pro-abortion candidate. Before the Liberals get too arrogant, kindly remember that almost six out of ten voters didn’t vote for them. And three cheers for the pro-life candidates who went down with their ships. They may not end up in Liberal Heaven but maybe there was another Heaven they were aiming for.

I was shocked when Morgentaler abandoned the NDP, who gave his clinic five million dollars for rent over ten years, and urged the NDPers to vote Liberal federally to fend off the Alliance Party. I bet the NDP went ballistic! Maybe they should ask for the five million bucks back. Why did Morgy do it? He said that the Liberal Party is a pro-abortion party. If so, what are Catholics and other Christians doing in it?

I hear the Liberals, out of gratitude for his support, were going to re-name Mount Logan, Mount Morgentaler.