It now appears certain that lona Campagnolo, the recently elected National President of the Liberal Party, has been selected by the “establishment” of her party to assume the mantle of leadership for the Liberal Party of Canada when Mr. Trudeau step down. The main reasons behind the selection of Ms Campagnolo is that she is both a women and she comes from the West. It is ironic that political pundits in the Liberal Party think that women will vote for another woman simply on the basis of sex. Such an assumption is an insult to women. Women vote as do men – according to their social and economic background – not according to sex. Most women want, as do most men, the best individual elected and this has nothing to do with sex. The most influential supporter of Ms Campagnolo is Marc Lalonde, Minister of Finance, who as Quebec caucus leader, threw all the Quebec delegates’ votes behind Ms Campagnolo at the time of her candidacy for the party presidency. There is no question that Marc Lalonde will throw the Quebec Caucus in block behind Ms Campagnolo at the next Liberal -leadership -convention expected-in the winter of 1984.

Our objection to Ms. Campagnolo lies in the fact that she is a hard-line pro-abortionist and as such is a board member of the pro-abortion organization CARAL (Canadian Abortion Rights Action League). Ms. Campagnolo has often spoken publicly in favour of abortion on demand and has marched in pro-abortion demonstrations in Victoria and Vancouver. Her organization CARAL is currently assisting Henry Morgentaler to break the law by establishing illegal abortion clinics in Toronto and Winnipeg.

lona Campagnolo is a highly controversial and divisive figure on the Canadian scene because of her strong discriminatory view against the unborn child – this makes her totally unacceptable as partv leader.