MP Svend Robinson (NDP, Burnaby-Kingsway), a self-declared homosexual, introduced a private member’s Bill on June 27, 1990, which would amend Section 318 of the Criminal Code to include “sex” and “sexual orientation.”

This Bill, Mr. Robinson stated, “would provide a clearer method of enforcement so that material which promotes violence and hatred against women, gays, lesbians or bisexuals can be prosecuted as hate literature.

The “gay” lobby would like the media to automatically treat any opposition, objections or criticisms to the homosexual lifestyle in speech or writing as “hate literature.” Evidence of the last few years shows that they are well on their way to success in this endeavor.

NDP Toronto Hydro allows “same sex rights”

During the summer, the NDP parliamentary staff union won agreement from its employers, the NDP caucus in the House of Commons, to treat “gay” and lesbian lovers as “spouses.”

The relevant clause reads: “Spouse is defined as a person with whom the employee has a marital, common law heterosexual or lesbian/gay spousal relationship.”

“The definition is intended to ensure that…lesbian/gay…employees…are accorded all rights privileges and benefits under this agreement which are accorded to employees in heterosexual relationships and their families.” (Go Info, July/August 1990)

The arrangement only applies to the NDP portion of salaries, not to the House of Commons’ staff agreement.

NDP leader Audrey McLaughlin is a member of the NDP Lesbian/Gay Caucus. (see The Interim, September 1990, p.12)

Toronto Hydro

Toronto Hydro is another organization which has extended health benefits to the “partners” of homosexual employees. The Toronto Hydro Commission made the decision on February 3, 1990, but announced it only in July.

Under the scheme, employees are not required to prove that the person with whom they live is actually their lover.

“There is no test, either for heterosexuals or homosexuals,” spokeswoman Rhonda Beecher said. “We have absolutely no way to check nor would we want to.”