The Ontario government is determined to make abortions legally available in every Ontario city in separate “clinics.” Some 20 “clinics” exist already.

A new bill-called the Independent Health Facilities Act-envisages total government control and total government funding for dozens of free-standing clinics “for proper women’s services.” as they are called. But providing and legalizing existing and new facilities at public expense for the killing of the unborn is one of the chief aims of the Act.

Ontario’s Health Minister Elinor Caplan is one of the most determined pro-abortionists in the country. She has been given full support for her plans by David Peterson and his Liberal Cabinet. So far, there is no sign that a single Liberal MPP- or anyone of the other parties- is willing to defy this corrupt leadership.

The Act, if approved, intends to fully cover the Morgentaler, Scott and Colodny abortuaries already in existence. The killer Bill is existence. The killer Bill is sugar coated with the provision that the abortion centers will also provide some other services such as removing cataracts and laser surgery.

The Ontario Medical Association is not concerned about abortion. Its only concern is whether they or the bureaucrats will control the operations. The Ontario Hospital Association doesn’t care either. Its only grievance is that the “clinics” may provide unfair competition through more flexible arrangements.

Written briefs or letters must be in before August 31. In other words, the bureaucrats have made public input almost impossible. Letters should be sent to the Standing Committee on Social Action, Room 1544, Whitney Block, Queen’s Park, Toronto, Ontario, M7A 1A2. Don’t forget to send a copy to your MPP.