Following the Supreme Court judgment of March 9, the two national pro-life bodies, Alliance for Life (educational) and Campaign Life Coalition (political) demanded, 0“Parliament exercise its obligation and pass a law protecting all unborn children.”

At press conferences in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver, pro-life representatives called for Canadian law to catch up with science and recognize and protect “the unmistakable humanity of the unborn child.”

LRC Censured

They also rejected the latest recommendations of the Law Reform Commission which Campaign Life Coalition vice-president Margaret Purcell described as ‘moral schizophrenia.’  It claims to be a report on crimes against the fetus, but it would in reality allow for the unrestrained killing of children in the womb,” she said.

Mrs. Purcell also censured the Gallup organization for carrying out polls on behalf of the Canadian Abortion Rights Association League (CARAL) with questions formulated by the pro-abortionists.  These questions cannot be revealed yet; Gallup publishes the results without revealing their pro-abortion thrust.