Stella Ambler, MP Mississauga South

Editor’s Note: These are the prepared remarks for MP Stella Ambler’s (Conservative, Mississauga South) address at the National March for Life May 10.

Thank you for marching for life. For the babies whose lives were ended prematurely and for babies yet to be born. And, for their mothers.

I am a mother. Being my son’s and my daughter’s mom has been the most challenging, joy-giving, and, yes, occasionally frustrating, responsibility that I have ever taken on, bar none. And I’m thankful that my husband has been with me as we, together, try to give our children both roots and wings.

Today, like you, I am here to say that human life is precious – in fact, of infinite value. That human life begins at conception – period, full stop. I’m also here to say that, as with most Canadians, it does no Canadian credit that there is no law in Canada on abortion. Worse, there are those who say we should not even have a conversation.

That is why it is my privilege, as a Member of Parliament, to support Motion 312, put forward by my friend and colleague, Stephen Woodworth. Stephen has started a conversation on when life begins and, you may have noticed, the sky is not falling. I hope you will join in this conversation and start conversations about Motion 312 with your friends, family, and loved ones . . . for life!