Why you’re nothing but a banana republic!” That was the reaction that some of our American cousins had when told by Jim Hughes that only recently did our Canadian Members of Parliament learn that an un-elected collection of radical United Nations feminists/lesbians and left-leaning homosexual bureaucrats were totalling ignoring them as legislators and passing laws and putting out directives illegally ordering Canadians around.

Suddenly some of the MPs realized that the very reason for their existence – the authority to pass laws in Canada – had been usurped and now they were nothing more than toads hopping up and down at the bidding of Herr Crouton when they were called on to vote in Parliament – even on issues of personal morality!

Suddenly they found out who was running the country. It wasn’t them! It was principally Herr Jean Crouton (a Canadian prime minister becomes a monarch in between elections), followed by the Liberal cabinet, especially the inner cabinet, and the pro-abortion Supreme Court. Not to mention the mandarins in the PM’s office, and a few Québec millionaires. And here come the MPs dragging up the rear. Some MPs even feel that the cleaning staff on the Hill have closer access to Crouton than they have.

Docile nation

Canadians are a very docile nation but when the PM opines that his opponents are powerless and “I am the leader. There’s nothing they can do,” Crouton hopefully may be presenting a very large lantern jaw to the voter.

When the PM’s own riding got more cash recently from the Human Resources Department than Alberta, then there is more evidence that we are rapidly heading towards a banana republic.

Heavens! Can’t Jean Crouton find a seat in the Senate for his beleaguered protege Jane Stewart, (former Ontario Liberal leader Bob Nixon’s daughter), the Minister of Human Resources, who is the Queen of Bag Ladies? Stewart and her predecessor ladled out millions of dollars to dubious greedy hands that was totally squandered. Where are the auditors who tirelessly chase the average Canadian citizen for a few lousy bucks? Where are they when you really need them?

Crouton did everything possible to save Stewart’s skin -even cranking out a Paul Martin finance budget to distract the parliamentary wolves hot on Stewart’s trail. It didn’t work. It was like Robin Hood giving back the money he stole – only the Liberals kept the GST.

In the House of Commons, Stewart sounded like a worn-out tape recorder – answering questions that were never asked, blathering away, hiding embarrassing facts, denying what she knew to be true – only to have the facts dragged out of her one tooth at a time.

Crouton in danger

Peter Newman had it right during the debate on her Human Resources estimates: “When Jane Stewart admits she’s lying; no one will believe her.”

Crouton is in great danger of doing what Brian Mulroney did – drag his party down to a horrendous electoral defeat- if he continues to value loyalty to An Old Friend more than competency in the office holder.

The Liberal Party has an answer for that. When the powers-that-be sense that a total electoral disaster is in the offing, they will tie all the tin cans to Crouton and throw him overboard. Then they will hurriedly replace him with a nice new face – or even an old face: Paul Martin.

The corrupt federal Liberal Party is now telling the nation that fornicators and adulterers living together are on the same par as a married couple. They are also saying that there is nothing the matter with sodomy as long as its dressed up as a victory for same-sex benefits. How many Liberal MPs had the guts to defy the party mandarins and vote against these measures? What a shame for a nation that just a few years ago used to pride itself on its Judeo-Christian heritage. Why isn’t the citizenry screaming with rage and going into shock at what’s going on? I think more people are angry at not being allowed to smoke at bingo.