British Columbia has a “new” political leader.  No to politics, nor a stranger to the pro-life pro-gamily movement, Heather Stillwell will lead the Family Coalition Party of B.C. into the next provincial election.

Stillwell takes over the reins of the FCP from Kathleen Toth, the political stalwart who has left the party since it’s formation in 1991.

Former leader Toth told supporters at the ESP’s AGM that she was turning over the leadership of the party to Stillwell in the hope that “her energy and vitality would stimulate supporters of traditional family values to become more involved politically.”

Stillwell’s appointment was supported by a unanimous vote of confidence, and she will serve as leader until a formal leadership convention is held in 1996.

Heather Stillwell is considered on of the most respected leaders in the pro-family movement in Canada.  She has served on a number of boards in a variety of leadership positions including the Christian Coalition Party. Her appeal and substance is considered so high that it is expected that the move to the FCP will be a well needed shot for the arm for the fledging party.

Stillwell concluded the October 28 event by issuing a challenge to all present to become involved as the Family Coalition Party is the only provincial political party not afraid to tackle “the real issues affecting families in British Columbia.”