Frank Coleman, who became leader of the governing Progressive Conservative Party of Newfoundland and Labrador, and thus premier of the province, last month, was defending his pro-life views when it was reported that he and his family had regularly taken part in the Corner Brook annual Walk for Life.

Coleman issued a statement on April 18 after the media reported his pro-life activism. He said, “as a leader I believe in the rule of law. It would be weak of me to deny my beliefs and at the same time it is important that people understand I do not intend to impose my personal views.”

Pro-Life Newfoundland and Labrador issued a statement calling on Coleman to end abortion in the province. In response to Pro-Life NL’s statement, Coleman told the Corner Brook Western Star, “I am not going to, in my role, dictate or abuse my position to create a change in the current funding model, or policy, which would have a negative impact on what I believe to be a person’s right to exercise their free will in this province.”

Margie Hynes, president of Campaign Life Coalition Newfoundland told The Interim Coleman’s pro-life views have “reignited the debate big time” and that “he is a principled person and we can worth with him,” in the future.