Last month’s Interim reported two demonstrations against the Liberal party leadership hopeful, Iona Campagnolo, in Thunder Bay and Mississauga, Ont. Recently, Iona was again faced by pro-lifers in Saskatoon, Sask.

Ms. Campagnolo is on the board of directors of the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL) and has spoken publicly in favour of abortion on demand. CARAL is actively assisting Henry Morgentaler in his attempt to flout the law by establishing illegal abortion clinics. Ms. Campagnolo is being made more and more aware that there is active opposition to her as a prospective Liberal leader because of her pro-abortion activist stance.

Campagnolo went to Saskatoon on June 24 to address a luncheon. She was met by a group of women who handed out fact sheets detailing her views.

Obviously taken aback by a pro-life demonstration outside of Ontario, Campagnolo said, “we must dialogue. We have the same concerns…we are all concerned about the rights of women.” One of the women demonstrating noted later that she carefully omitted any reference to the rights of the unborn.

Ralph Goodall, Liberal leader in Saskatchewan, told another demonstrator that Ms. Campagnolo had been told not to discuss the abortion issue while in the province.

These demonstrations against Iona Campagnolo are having an effect. It is crucial to keep up the effort. If she becomes more entrenched, she will be difficult to dislodge. We simply cannot allow her to become the next leader of the Liberal party.