Catholic lay people should “accept their responsibility to revitalize society with Gospel values,” the Ontario Catholic Bishops told Pope John Paul in a recent visit.

The bishops informed the Pope of the actions of the Ontario New Democrat government in prosecuting pro-lifers in the province, calling special attention to the proposed injunction which would ban most forms of activism.  They called the NDP a party which “openly promotes access to abortion as one of its priorities.”

Bishop Eugene LaRocque, president of the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops, was speaking with the Pope at a recent general audience.  “We must find every means to support our Catholic public hospitals as well as an ominous trend towards euthanasia.”

“This extension of the ‘culture of death’ is diametrically  opposed to our faith, which clearly maintains that since all life comes from God, we glorify Him in supporting life.”

One of the solutions, LaRocque suggested, is that committed Catholics must be motivated to “revitalize society with Gospel values and standards in areas such as family life, social justice , political life, and social communications.”