Stephen Harper
Grade = C

Answered the 1993 Campaign Life Coalition questionnaire as effectively pro-choice and he supports the party’s policy convention decision committing a Conservative government to not bringing in legislation restricting abortion. He voted for traditional marriage and would allow reconsideration of the same-sex “marriage” issue with a free vote, but he supports the idea of civil unions for homosexual couples. He would fund parents, not daycare centres, to help cover whatever care requirements they feel is appropriate for their own families.

Paul Martin
Grade = F

Supports abortion-on-demand. He imposed same-sex “marriage” on Canada. He is pushing a national daycare scheme. He employs advisers who demonstrate disdain for parents. He reneged on a promise to address the democratic deficit.

Jack Layton
Grade = F

Unabashedly pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage. He supports a national daycare scheme, although his proposal would cost less than the Martin plan. He supports reducing the tax load on working families.

Gilles Duceppe
Grade = F
Supports abortion-on-demand and same-sex “marriage.” In the current campaign he has said that the marriage issue should not be revisited and vowed during the 2004 campaign that he would bring down a Conservative minority government (if one had been elected) if it tried to restrict abortion.
Ron Gray
Grade = A

Is unequivocally pro-life and pro-marriage. Supports pro-family tax policies.