Some pro-lifers might think that a candidate belonging to a certain party is unworthy of support, even if that candidate has a solid pro-life record, because the party as a whole is anti-life.

Well-deserved criticism of the Liberal and Tory records, for example, might lead people to dismiss individual candidates out of hand.

It is important to remember, however, that in the end, what matters is the position of the individual candidate.
There are many genuinely pro-life politicians in anti-life parties who have had the courage to act according to their consciences, even when it has meant defying their parties and party leaders, and who have willingly suffered the consequences.

These individuals have done a great deal of good by raising the level of debate in Parliament and by setting an example of courage and integrity for those who are not as strong?

There should be no question that these people are deserving of the continued support of pro-life voters, notwithstanding the policies and actions of their parties.

This is an excerpt from the November 2000 Interim editorial.