If Prime Minister Justin Trudeau believes in anything, it is abortion. And he wants every Canadian to follow suit. In 2014, Trudeau declared that all Liberal candidates would have to support abortion. In 2018, his government made every organization and company that received federal subsides through the Summer Jobs Program sign an attestation that they supported Charter Rights including abortion (which is not enumerated as a right in the Charter). Following a public backlash to his heavy-handedness, Trudeau altered the policy to prevent organizations that are explicitly pro-life from accessing the program’s funding.

In 2021, he is at it again. In the Liberal election platform, Trudeau threatens to strip pro-life groups of their charitable tax status (it names crisis pregnancy centres but presumably would also apply to right-to-life groups) because they “actively … spread misinformation about abortion.” By “misinformation,” the Trudeau Liberals mean any point of view at odds with their own pro-abortion ideology.

This is an attack on the whole pro-life movement. Our elected officials must hear from all Canadians that the state must not create ideological litmus tests to qualify for or benefit from government programs.