Representing various faith backgrounds, proponents of traditional family values from across Ontario are praying for the Family Coalition Party. The movement began as a suggestion by an Alberta right-to-life activist who operates under the screen-name “Theresa” on’s Northern Ontario caucus. Participants pledge a specific time in their schedules to ask God’s blessing and protection over the province’s only pro-life party.

“Campaigns are rough and it is important as candidates that we be spiritually anchored,” said Suzanne Fortin, the FCP’s Eastern region director and candidate for Ottawa-Vanier. “Not everyone has the physical strength to come out and hammer signs. Not everyone has the financial means to donate to the party. Prayer is a way in which everyone who supports family values can help the FCP, including people on fixed incomes with limited mobility.”

Suzanne Plouffe is one such person. The 73-year-old retired nurse lives on a fixed pension and is currently recovering from a serious leg operation. She was listening to Mass on EWTN when contacted by The Interim . “I was offering it up for pro-life and pro-family forces this election,” Plouffe says. “I have been praying three or four hours a day for the FCP while recovering.”

She adds: “With everything that’s happening in Canada – from abortion to same-sex ‘marriage’ – we need a strong, positive, political alternative that promotes the culture of life.”

Dan Labonte, a 47-year-old West Nipping man, is in a similar situation. He survives on a disability pension after a major back injury left him debilitated. “We cannot remove God from our public institutions – hospitals, schools, government,” says Labonte. He hopes the FCP will bring people of faith back into leadership of the province. “This is a spiritual battle,” Labonte, a Catholic, says. “I’ll be saying the Rosary and the Divine Mercy chaplet daily for the FCP from now until election day.”

Sault Ste. Marie’s Al Walker agrees. An evangelical and the FCP Northern Ontario region director, Walker prays daily for the success of the FCP. “We need God’s help to elect good leaders,” says Walker. “God answers prayer. He wants us to pray. We must rely upon his help if we want more Christians and people of faith leading our province.”