On April 14, the Liberal Party selected two-term MP, and son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau as their new leader. He received more than 80 per cent of the points allotted through the race’s weighted, preferential vote system, almost ten times more than second-place finisher Joyce Murray, a Liberal MP from Vancouver Quadra that advocated electoral cooperation on the Left with the NDP and Greens.
Trudeau has a solid pro-abortion record. Campaign Life Coalition national president Jim Hughes said Trudeau “is no friend of the unborn.” Hughes said “he’s not pro-life; in fact, he’s a raving pro-abortionist.”
In 2009, Trudeau told the CBC, “as a politician I have political positions on gay marriage and on abortion that don’t at all resemble those of the Catholic Church.”
More recently, in 2012, Trudeau said he would consider supporting Quebec separation if Canada was “going against abortion, and we were going against gay marriage.” During an interview with a French radio station on Feb. 12, 2012, Trudeau explained “if at a certain point, I believe that Canada was really the Canada of Stephen Harper” and reversed course on the abortion license and same-sex “marriage” then he “would think about wanting to make Quebec a country.” At the time, Hughes said Trudeau’s comments were “outrageous” and illustrated a pro-abortion extremism in “setting out the defence of killing innocent unborn babies as one of two conditions for breaking up the country.”

During the leadership campaign, in which all nine candidates supported legal abortion, Trudeau said that he would force Liberal MPs to support “the right to choose.” Asked by the CBC’s Kady O’Malley his view of Mark Warawa’s gendercide motion being deemed non-votable and how much freedom he’d give his caucus to vote their conscience if he were party leader, Trudeau said through the social media website Twitter that he was “committed to giving MPs more freedom to represent Canadians, but MPs would be required to support Canadians’ fundamental rights.” He would clarify, “for me, a woman’s right to choose is a fundamental right.” He said Liberal MPs would be required to vote with the leader on bills “that speak to the shared values embodied in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

Yet, Trudeau insists his democratic reform platform would make the Liberals “one of the most democratic parties in the world,” and insists it would allow MPs to have the freedom to represent constituents’ views rather than the party’s leadership.

Campaign Life Catholics has complained that Trudeau has been allowed to address Catholic school students because his stance on moral issues advocacy causes scandal to the Church. Suresh Dominic, president of Campaign Life Catholics, said when Trudeau addressed a separate school event in Sudbury in December, “Trudeau’s virulent opposition to key Catholic teachings on abortion and homosexual ‘marriage,’ while deceptively calling himself a faithful Catholic, make it grossly inappropriate for the school to give him a platform.”