It is vital for Canada that P.C Party have a leader who, not only respects human life in all its stages and all its conditions, but one who is prepared to act positively to protect that life. The “I am personally against abortion, but” mentality is worse than useless, and it has been amply proved that we have a superfluity of such minds in Ottawa. It is not how a politician thinks, but how a politician votes, that counts.

In order to discover their relative positions on the pro-life issue ‘Tories For Life’

sent a letter and a questionnaire to each candidate. At the time of going to press only three candidates have replied: John Crosbie, Joe Clark, and Michael Wilson. We are printing their letters and statements. The positions of other candidates are taken from the accounts in daily newspapers. Some candidates are quoted as being “against abortion” or for “tightening of abortion laws” but none has produced a written statement and none has committed himself to voting pro-life. Tories For Life needs insurance that the leader will be committed to pro-life.