Carl Sandburg was once asked, “What is the ugliest word in the English language?” Without hesitation he answered “Exclusive.”

The Government in power has excluded the unborn from our laws and as such, babies in utero are no longer part of our human family. For a people to accept and approve this indictment is to deny the existence of God – abortion cannot be left in the realm of private morality.

The body politic of this country must elect men and women to parliament whose sole purpose is to restore legal protection to our unborn citizens. This is the raison d’etre of the Pro Life Party of Canada. No other party has this as a plank in its platform.

The critics and scoffers will accuse us of being single issue or self serving. However those in the pro-life movement know countries have changed the course of their history on single issues – we are not self serving, we wish to serve those who have no political voice.

Pro Life does not end at birth, we should and must concern ourselves with the plight of the unemployed, and all the social ills that affect our Nation. But first we must stop the hemorrhaging. Then we’ll concentrate on the broken bones and sinus congestion.

We will endeavor to form riding associations from those ridings that at the present do not have a sitting member sensitive to the right of the unborn.

Those wishing to form associations can obtain copies of the Canada Elections Act and the Manual of Information from the Chief Electoral Office of Canada.