Bill Gottselig is the federal Member of Parliament for the riding of Moose Jaw. A lifelong resident of rural Saskatchewan, Mr. Gottselig was a farmer and businessman before his election to the House of Commons in 1984. He also served as the mayor of Outlook, Saskatchewan for six years. He is married and has three children.

During the 1984 election campaign, Mr. Gottselig was distressed to find that many of his pro-life constituents applauded his openly pro-life position but remained loyal to the political party for which they had traditionally voted-  the NDP. He feels that this attitude is widespread and that the pro-life movement will not be politically successful until pro-life constituents vote for pro-life candidates regardless of traditional party loyalties.

He believes that there must be more one on one dialogue between pro-life constituents and their MPs and he points out that small, polite groups of pro-abortion advocates meet regularly with Members of Parliament to make their point of view known.

Bill Gottselig has spoken out several times on the issue of abortion in the House of Commons. On April 2, 1987 he spoke in favour of Dr. Gus Mitges’ Motion 37. At that time he said: “Every hour, eight unborn Canadians needlessly suffer an agonizing death. If we avert our gaze to their “silent screams,” can we claim to be compassionate human beings? The answer is obvious.

“The unborn cannot help themselves except as their tortured bodies offer evidence that moves those already born. If the suffering of the defenseless does not arouse our compassion and move us to act on their behalf nothing ever will.”

On December 1, 1987 during the one-hour debate on MP Svend Robinson’s pro-abortion Bill C-208, Mr. Gottselig again spoke out against abortion. During his speech he made reference not only to the unborn child as a victim as well, citing new research on Post Abortion Syndrome. He ended his speech by saying: “…I strongly support the pro-life position. In fact, I have had this conviction through out my entire life. There is no doubt in my mind that the unborn child, the fetus, whatever term you want to refer to it, is simply that term. It is the same as referring to a preschooler, an adolescent, a teenager, a middle aged person or a senior citizen. It just happens to be a time at a particular stage of development. I feel very strongly about this issue because the unborn cannot speak for themselves. It is incumbent upon those of us who are elected to represent the people of our areas to stand up and proclaim the necessity to respect all human life and to oppose any change in the abortion laws and any change in making abortions more readily available.”