Rob Nicholson is serving his first term as a Member of Parliament and at 35 years of age is one of the youngest Members of the House of Commons. A life-long resident of the Niagara Falls area, Nicholson is a former partner in the law firm Coy, Barch in St. Catharines, Ontario. He was educated at Queens University and the University of Windsor and was called to the bar in 1979. he and his wife Arlene have two young sons, Robbie and Peter.

A personable, articulate pro-lifer, Nicholson is always available for consultation with pro-life representatives in his Niagara Falls riding. He spoke recently at the International Youth Pro-Life Conference held in Niagara Falls where he praised the work of the Canadian pro-life movement and urged the young people present to become more involved. Following the conference Nicholson presented a petition from the Canadian participants to the House of Commons urging the protection of the unborn child.

Nicholson is a tenacious defender of the right to life of the unborn child and is sometimes angered by the resistence of other Members of Parliament to take a stand on the issue of abortion. In a statement made in the House of Commons prior to the vote on the Mitges’ Motion, he stated:

“Abortion is one of the great moral questions of the 20th century. In September 1984, the people of Canada sent us here to take tough decisions. I believe every member should be clear on how he or she stands on this issue. I suggest it is unacceptable for members to avoid making a decision…We owe more than that to ourselves and to our constituents. Therefore…I say to all Members: Stand up and be counted; all of Canada will be watching.”

Rob Nicholson is an active participant on the ad hoc Parliamentary Pro-Life Committee and meets regularly with representatives of Campaign Life Coalition and Alliance for Life.