Jim Jepson, Member of Parliament for London East, was first elected to the House of Commons in September 1984. A native of Hamilton, Ontario, Mr. Jepson is a businessman, owning a canvas manufacturing firm.  He and his wife Beverly have three children and are members of West Park Baptist Church in London.

Mr. Jepson has made many statements in the House of Commons against abortion and in defence of the unborn child.  He has spoken out on the “rubber stamping” of abortion applications be Therapeutic Abortion Committees, calling the procedure “a meaningless farce.”  He has also called for the closure of the two illegal abortuaries in Toronto.

In January, 1986 Mr. Jepson stated in the House of Commons:

“I find it ironic that in a day and age when we spend billions of dollars on medical research to save lives, at the same time we allow the killing of healthy baby boys and girls. We have hospitals which on one floor are exercising all the medical research and expertise possible to save lives while on another floor of the same hospital hundreds and thousands of unborn children are being killed.  It is time our society lived up to its responsibility and that we as legislators acted in the name of justice and human dignity instead of expedience, opportunism and convenience.”

In his most recent statement condemning abortion, on October 1 of this year, Mr. Jepson commented on the survival of two children born only 20 weeks after conception, and remarked on the numbers of abortions performed at this same age.  In conclusion he said:

“The survival of these two tiny infants is testimony to the fact that human life is a continuum that beings with conception, not birth.  Those babies aborted are no less human than those babies born, regardless of the gestational age at which the event takes place.  Abortion kills a pre-born human life in the earliest stages of development, it does not simply “terminate a pregnancy.”

Mr. Jepson believes that one of the most important initiatives that pro-life Canadians could undertake would be a constant letter-writing campaign to MPs, the Minister of Justice and the Prime Minister.  As well, he stresses the importance of public education about the reality of abortion.

Mr. Jepson is also a staunch supporter of REAL Women.