A public poll commissioned by the Toronto Star showed that, abortion on demand supporters are losing influence, while those who demand full protection from conception are growing in strength.

Abortion on Demand              Protection

From Conception

1978(Gallup)                16 per cent                                           14 per cent

1883(Gallup)                23 per cent                                           17 per cent

1984( Newsweek)U.S. 21 per cent                                          21 per cent

1988(Star)                   10 per cent                                           22 per cent

The Latest poll indicates that 38 federal ridings, out of 282 across Canada, will be decided by a margin of two per cent or less of the votes. In the October 1987 Ontario election, the new pro-life Family Coalition Party (FCP) garnered an average of just over four per cent n the 36 ridings where the party participated.

Status of Women Minister Barbara McDougall said she was appalled at the idea of parliament legislating when life begins. “ This is a moral choice,” she said,” there’s no getting around it ,and the only person who is really qualified to make that choice is the women to whose body this little thing is attached.”

Science, of course, disagrees with the Minister. There is nothing moral about biology and the beginning of life at all. As the eight medical experts testified at the 1983 Borowski trial, life starts at conception.