With the election in full swing, I decided to pass on some information which may be of help to Catholics, and perhaps others, who do not want to compromise their consciences when they drop that little slip of paper in the ballot box.

The Church and Politics

Many people, including Catholics, feel that the Church should keep its nose out of politics.  I quite agree, as long as politics remain simply “politics.”  Christ told us to, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.”  Needless to say, I fully agree with this.  But when Caesar steps into the arena of God and makes laws which are directly opposed to God’s Ten Commandments, then it is the duty of the Church to say, “Stop.  You are trespassing on ground that does not belong to you.”  Remember the words of Christ to His Apostles, just as He was about to ascend into Heaven: “Teach all nations.  Teaching them to observe all things, whatever I have commanded you.”  He did not say, “But, of course, Caesar is exempt from My laws.”  And remember the words of Peter and John when the Jewish authorities tried to prevent them from preaching the truth: “You must judge whether, in the sight of God, it is right to listen to you rather than to God.”

The Canadian Caesar

The Canadian Caesar – in many cases, sad to  say, a “Catholic Caesar” – has, in recent years, not only stepped into the arena of God, but has pitched his/her tent there and, with the arrogance of Attila the Hun, condemned more than a million Canadian children to death with a cruelty which would make even Herod blush.  In the Second World War, 39,000 Canadians were killed by the enemy.  In 1991, according to Statistics Canada, 95,000 Canadians were killed by Canadian doctors, with the “blessings” of Canadian law-makers.  Have we gone insane?  The answer is “Yes.”

How do we vote?

Under the present circumstances there is no black and white answer as far as the two main parties are concerned.  The leader of the Conservatives, Kim Campbell, is completely pro-abortion.  The leader of the Liberal Party, Jean Chrétien – a “Catholic” and, I understand, from a family of thirteen children, is also pro-abortion.  The reason I put Catholic in quotation marks is because there is no such thing as a pro-abortion Catholic.  When a Catholic is pro-abortion he/she has ceased to be a Catholic.

They may attend Mass on Sundays and even receive Holy Communion.  Judas Iscariot attended the first Mass and possibly received Holy Communion.  But he ceased to be a follower of Christ and so has the pro-abortionist “Catholic.”  “He that is not with Me is against Me.”  Translated into modern jargon that means, “You can’t have your bun and eat it too.”  But I have not yet answered the above question, “How do we vote?”

Perhaps the teaching of the Church through the centuries will help.  The Didache, which contains the teaching of the Apostles and which was probably written while they were still alive says, “You shall not kill a fetus, by abortion nor commit infanticide.”  Tertullinan (160 A.D.) said, “To kill a child being born is to accelerate its death and commit murder.”  And the Church has never changed that teaching.

Here are a few quotes from the Middle Ages.  Pope Stephen V, said, “Anyone who kills an infant in the womb by abortion is a murderer.”  St. Thomas Aquinas (1215 A.D.) taught that abortion is a serious sin against the natural law.  In recent times all the popes have condemned abortion in no uncertain terms.

The reason for this is that abortion, though practiced almost from the beginning of time – it was first forbidden by the Sumerians in the year 2000 B.C. – has become far more widespread during this century.  Pius XI, Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI and the  present Holy Father have all been uncompromising in their condemnations.  Vatican II said this, “Life must from its conception be guarded with the greatest care.  Abortion is an abominable crime.”  Paul VI said that the teaching of the Church on abortion is “unchanging and unchangeable.”

So, as a Catholic, how will you vote?  Will you vote for a pro-abortionist?  Here is a statement from The Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, issued November 1974, setting forth the essentials of Catholic teaching on the subject: “Whatever the civil law may decree, it must be taken as absolutely certain that a man” – and may I add, a woman – “may never obey an intrinsically unjust law, such as a law approving abortion in principle.”

He may not take part in any movement to sway public opinion in favour of such a law, nor may he vote for that law.  He cannot take part in applying such a law.  Doctors and nurses for example, must not be forced into the position of cooperating proximately in abortion and thus having to choose between the law of God and the pursuit of their profession.”

This makes it clear that a Catholic may not in conscience vote for a pro-abortionist.  But we are not therefore bound to vote for a politician who is pro-life but does not have other necessary qualities.  My advice to you is first find out what his or her position is on the abortion question.  But I would not ask them, “Are you pro-abortion?”  They will immediately guess which side you are on and reply “appropriately.”

Perhaps a better approach would be, “What is your position on choice?”  To be certain, a good idea is to phone Campaign Life Coalition and ask them where this candidate stands – or sits!  The number is (416) 368-8479.  If you are not happy with any of the candidates in your riding, spoil your voting paper and state the reason: “No pro-life candidate.”  These “non-votes” are taken into account.  They give a message.  Remember that the ocean is composed of many small drops of water.  And every drop counts!