The National Public Affairs Office (Lobby Office) of Campaign Life Coalition is embarking on a fundraising project to supplement the personal donations received from dedicated supporters on its mailing list.  The lobby office, located in Ottawa, is finding it increasingly difficult to manage financially and has found it necessary to look for more ways to raise funds to help maintain the efficient and effective management of this vital management of Campaign Life Coalition.

The national lobby office is responsible for the ongoing education and lobbying of

federal MPs on Parliament Hill.  Last year, it published a Briefing Book on Euthanasia

which was delivered to each Senator and to each MP on Parliament Hill.

The lobby office has almost completed a revised and updated Abortion Briefing Book

which will also be presented to the MPs.  The national Public Affairs Office keeps

detailed files on each MP.

Karen Murawsky, the primary lobbyist, is responsible for making appointments with MPs and meeting with them personally-an arduous task considering the controversial nature of pro-life issues which many MPs would prefer to ignore.

Armed with the knowledge that every person consumes food and most households have cookbooks the lobby office is going to publish and sell “Recipes for Life” which will feature the favourite recipes of Canadian pro-life activists, leaders, politicians and public figures will increase its appeal and marketability.

The lobby office hopes to sell “Recipes for Life” in churches at meeting and conferences, in Christian bookstores, and through mail-order.

The CLC lobby office is appealing to pro-lifers to help support its crucial work by contributing one or more original recipes.  Organizers of the project ask that all recipes be sent in with detailed and precise information pertaining to measurements, ingredients, cooking or baking times and instructions.

Annette is counting on the euthusiastic participation of Interim readers.

Please send recipes to: Recipes for Life, Campaign Life Coalition, Ste. 100, 1355 Wellington St. Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 3C2 or Fax 613 729 7611