A small group of South and Central American countries – Nicaragua, Argentina and Venezuela – worked with the Vatican to stun a high-powered collection of North American population controllers.  In doing so, they effectively thwarted U.S./UN efforts to mass murder millions more unborn babies over the next twenty years.

At a meeting to determine the agenda of this year’s International Conference on Population and Development, pro-abortion forces got their knuckles rapped when they tried to ram through an 86-page pro-abortion document.  The manifesto shamelessly aimed to force underdeveloped nations to permit or even require abortions to reduce their populations or bear the brunt of UN economic sanctions.

This document was denounced by the seven countries and the Vatican as nothing more than “pro-abortion imperialism” without any “ethical framework.”  The U.S./UN document now limps into Cairo with large parts of it being “bracketed” as totally unacceptable.

The U.S. State Department has clearly been working behind the scenes, instructing its representatives to push the UN restrictions into forcing 95 nations, representing 37% of the world’s population, to abandon their laws which protect the unborn.  The Clinton administration’s pro-abortion bias was denounced by critics as a betrayal of the President’s campaign promises which pledged to support policies which would make abortion “rare.”

The only embarrassment was the lack of support from other Catholic nations.  Where were Ireland, Malta, Portugal, even Canada?  Yes Canada, with its fifteen million Catholics, was represented by someone with the exalted title of “European Coordinator of Earth Action.”

The Pope said that the document “is a cause of grave concern to me.”  He continued: “There is a tendency to promote an internationally recognized right to access abortion on demand, without any restrictions, with no regard to the rights of the unborn.  The vision of sexuality which inspires the document is individualistic (self-centred).”  And, “marriage is ignored as if it were something of the past.”

For years now it has been popular to blame over population as the only cause for food shortages.  Locally, this may be the case, but on a world-wide level it’s simply fiction.  There is an over-abundance of food.  The U.S. and Canada destroy or stockpile incredible amounts of food every year.  These governments subsidize farmers from over-producing milk.  The French have so much excess butter that they give some to the military to lubricate their tanks.  Food distribution, not shortage, has always been the problem.

Overcrowding does occur, but this is because people have a tendency to crowd together.  They always have and always will, not because of a lack of space on earth, but because it’s convenient when we need to buy and sell and swap services.  We also tend to want to live in more pleasant climates.  More people tend to choose British Columbia over the Antarctic.  It has been estimated that humans occupy no more than 1% of the world’s surface.

This world could accommodate billions more people.  The real problem is that the population is declining in many areas.  In Quebec the birth rate fell 62 per cent in the last 30 years – an astounding drop!  It has forced the Quebec government to introduce ‘family allowances’ for second, third and fourth births.  Germany, Austria, Denmark, Hungary and Russia, are all experiencing population declines.

“Overpopulation doesn’t cause wholesale starvation – war – especially civil war – such as we have in Africa – and government planning does.”  Dr. Jacqueline Kasun, a professor of economics and world renowned expert o population, insisted.  Overpopulation wasn’t the cause of famine in Ireland, the Ukraine or Africa today.  Famine is either deliberately planned or is the result of foolish planning by government bureaucrats.

Let’s take a look at the worst scenario in the world: China.  Marxist Mao comes along with grandiose plans to industrialize China and cuts down most of the trees and kills all the songbirds he can find.  Then he takes over the farms and keeps process so low that farmers on the collective have no incentive to grow food.  Then, because there is a lack of food in the country, the government joins up with Planned Parenthood (with very generous U.S, financing) to kill off the population that they haven’t already killed by starvation and pogroms.

Our problem is not one of family sizes out of control but one of governments and population planners out of control