It’s that time of year again, as we brush off the frost and snow that has gathered in our minds and get down to the task at hand.

When British Columbians voted by the tens of thousands for the Liberal Party, many pro-lifers were in that number, hopeful that anything but the NDP would mark a change for the better.

Well, boys and girls, I am here to tell you that despite all the talk of cutbacks in the health field, there still remains one procedure, so near and dear, so holy, that no one dare utter its name.

Right. Abortion.

I predict that the B.C. Liberal party will close every hospital in the province, before they will dare touch access to abortion. In other words, when hell freezes over. As was said by others before me, the NDP were just Liberals in a hurry.

There is no change. Babies continue to die. Only don’t talk about it.

Despite that spate of bad news, I am encouraged.

UBC student radical Stephanie Grey graduates this spring, which means the old and decrepit pro-choice movement should be worried. The Catholic youth of the country will be rejuvenated this summer when the Pope visits. Given that the pro-life movement is very near and dear to his heart, I suspect that Stephanie will have a lot of company when she starts full-time pro-life work this year.

Look for the Genocide Awareness Project to pop up in so many places around the country, that the pro-choice movement will have trouble destroying them all. Not that they won’t try, mind you. But the pro-life movement on campus is causing such serious damage to the abortion rights movement, they have to do something about it.

Free speech promises to be the key battle. Here in B.C., those who label themselves “pro-choice” can’t even allow little white crosses to be set up on campus. They are so terrified of anyone actually challenging what “choice” might mean, they have to rip them up or get them banned.

I hear that some loonie-left professors are even getting into the act. These anti-Vietnam-war-draft-dodger-has-beens can’t allow anything to challenge their stranglehold on “women’s rights.”

In other words, abortion is not a subject of debate. End of sentence.

Well, tough.

Spring is in the air. There is a new generation coming. A new strategy.

And the morally bankrupt pro-choice movement can’t do anything about it.