CHP deputy leader Rod Taylor

CHP deputy leader Rod Taylor

And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none. Ezekiel 22:30

 Here we are in the first few weeks of 2014; we in the Christian Heritage Party, like all Canadians, are making plans for the months ahead, setting priorities, and drawing up schedules. We are evaluating goals, objectives, and strategies. We are setting timelines, allocating funds, and booking flights and venues -– for speaking tours, national board meetings, and for our triennial Convention to be held in Hamilton, Nov. 5-8. (Convention planning continues apace; more information on that exciting event will soon be posted at We also continue with regular EDA meetings and provincial council meetings, fundraising activities and policy development. We’re developing new training materials for CHP officers. And we’re beginning to organize candidates and teams for the 2015 federal election.

Why are we doing all this? Why all the activity? What’s so urgent about the work of CHP Canada?

We want to “stand in the gap” for this land. We want to “plug the hole.” We want to be available to make a difference in this nation. When God is looking for men and women who will step forward in Canada’s hour of need – to defend the vulnerable, to speak for the voiceless, to strengthen the family – we don’t want Him to have to say, “…I found none.” We want to say to Him, “here we are; use us!”

Throughout history, God has called out men and women who were willing to serve Him – at great personal sacrifice – to protect life and freedom. Canadians have served in two World Wars to ensure that we would have the freedoms we have today: freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, freedom to speak, and vote and worship. They’ve given their lives on the battlefield or in lives of quiet public service so that we could raise our children according to the dictates of our consciences and the teachings of God.

In Canada today, the battlefields where we are called to serve may be in the courts of this land, the town halls and council chambers of cities and villages across this country, and in the letters-to-the-editor columns where we are still free to express our feelings. We may be asked to serve on school boards, in legislatures, or in Parliament. Some of us will be standing in the gap in pulpits or in the classrooms of our elementary schools, high schools, and universities.

There is a great dearth in Canada today of moral principles and sound judgment. There is a desperate need for men and women of conviction who will “tell it like it is,” who will “speak the truth in love.” Across this land, political correctness and the confusing bafflegab of secular humanism have rendered common sense uncommon. Just look at some of the practices now rampant and the doublespeak that is used to justify them:

Baby girls are killed to support “women’s rights”

Personal privacy in public washrooms is abandoned to protect “dignity and respect”

In the name of “tolerance,” Christian educators are being told they cannot teach Christian doctrine to Christian students (Loyola school case, Quebec)

In the name of “personal choice,” doctors seek permission to kill elderly patients (Quebec is attempting to legalize the killing of the elderly and disabled)

The Supreme Court strikes down any laws restricting prostitution and related activities while using words like “dignity and security”

The list goes on. Many of our fellow-citizens can see the destructive pattern of the atheistic worldview that has permeated every sphere of Canadian society and has been wrongly treated as “neutral.” Atheistic secular humanism is anything but neutral. It is a worldview deeply opposed to ours and absolutely intolerant of Christian teachings and standards. It could never create a just society or fuel the engines of a productive economy. It covets all the benefits of our Christian heritage but devotes all its energies to destroying the belief system that makes those benefits possible.

As we launch out into 2014, we invite each of you to “stand in the gap” with us. There are many ways you can help to “strengthen the line.” There are many groups doing good work in educating Canadians and lobbying politicians. You may write a letter to the editor or ask to speak to a local service group about some of the many issues confronting Canadians. You could start a pro-life youth group or help put up some billboards.

All these are good but there is one unique opportunity to serve that we hope you will consider. CHP Canada is the only federal political party committed to restoring justice and common sense to Canada’s Parliament through the protection of innocent human life, restoration of traditional marriage, the defence of freedom of speech and conscience, and the promotion of sound fiscal policies to eliminate Canada’s debt. We are “standing in the gap” for you and your children. If you’re already a member we thank you and invite you to serve with us in some additional ways: giving, praying, volunteering, and signing up new members. If you’re not yet a member, please join us today and “stand in the gap” with us. The need is great and the workers are few. Help us make this a year of “turning the tide on the moral slide.” You can make a difference.

 Rod Taylor is the deputy leader of the Christian Heritage Party. This article originally appeared Jan. 14 as the CHP Communiqué and is used with permission.