Here’s to you, Mr. Robinson.

Over the years, Svend Robinson’s flagrant contempt for the law, disregard for parliamentary decorum, and general antipathy towards the time honored traditions of Canada and her people, have made him a symbol of everything unserious in our political process.

His pranks are almost more troubling than his policy positions. After the Supreme Court ruled against euthanasia, he was at the bedside of Sue Rodriguez to watch her die. He posed nude for an environmental fundraiser. And he petitioned to have the name of “God” removed from the Charter. More recently, Robinson disgraced himself by stealing a diamond ring, and resigned his seat in parliament.

In this election, the New Democrats are campaigning on a platform of ethical reform: “Politics should be about people, not well-connected friends” their website says. And yet, by allowing Svend Robinson to represent their platform and their party, the NDP betrays a double standard. The NDP want to remove corruption from Ottawa, but they are unwilling to keep this shamed public figure from the ranks of their own party.

And How can Svend govern the country without self-control to govern himself? He couldn’t be trusted to keep his hands off a ring—will he keep fingers out of the public purse? The editors of Macleans remind us that ‘Svend Robinson’s lawyer…explained that his client’s theft of a $21,500 ring was, in essence, a ‘cry for help.’” It is clear that, running for elected office is another cry for help. The people of Vancouver Centre should heed this cry and do the right thing.