The dog days of summer allow us a great opportunity to ponder, reflect and generally digest news and information that crosses one’s desk as we seek to restore sanity to a culture in love with death.

Imagine my excitement when I viewed the latest newsletter of the BC Pro-Choice Action Network. Their Spring/Summer newsletter was jam-packed full of goodies that remind us all how utterly devoid of morality was the regime that once governed this province.

To note, we see that the ever benevolent Ministry of Women’s Equality presented them with a $16,000 grant to: “put on four half-day workshops, two to train women activists in working with the media, and two to train pro-choice activists in safety and security strategies.”

One wonders, naturally, what training one would direct to pro-choice activists in dealing with media – perhaps I can muse some possible suggestions.

Since this is taxpayer money, that is, money taken from hard working peasants, it is naturally important that relevant issues be addressed. The media can be the friend of the Pro-Choice movement – I think Lenin called them “useful idiots”; so certain “spins” need to be put on potentially embarrassing events.

For example, when one of your spokespersons feel that violence is the best way to handle a pro-life demonstration of support on a University campus, a problem can result. Even though there exists video footage of the violent vandalism, a “spin” has to be created. You need to present to the media the reality that the individuals who resorted to violence are really the victims here. And the perceived victims are really the perpetrators. When the individual that used violence to achieve her pro-choice goals is now your media spokesperson, media can ask uncomfortable questions. Rehabilitate her by having Joy MacPhail, or some other well-known MLA, introduce her in the Legislature, coinciding with some groundbreaking pro-abortion initiative. All will be forgiven – and forgotten.

The next scenario can also be difficult. How do you handle the spin of your organization using anti-Catholic bigotry in order to promote their goals and ideals? This can be a problem, especially when your”demonstration” outside Vancouver’s Catholic cathedral features your well-known vandalizer as a pregnant nun.

Again, claim victory. Announce that the big guy upstairs knew of your impending spontaneous display of consternation, and thus cancelled his unfeeling plans to pray outside an abortion clinic. Do not comment, under any circumstances, on the wedding taking place while you demonstrate.

Difficulties with the truth can also create problems necessitating tax money in order to deal with media. As is the case in a column featured in the Vancouver Sun, you can resort to lies when trying to promote your views. Of course, problems do arise when your anti-choice opponents call you on your falsehoods. It’s often better to stick with the truth, rather than having to arrange publication of a letter of apology.

Announce to the world that your organization, supportive of a political party in the face of a crushing and near total wipeout in which they made abortion a central issue, is now legitimate because of a $21,000 grant from the Canadian Status of Women. Joining hands with Planned Parenthood of BC and other pro-choice groups across British Columbia (such as the ever-peaceful Students for Choice), you announce a new initiative to form a “new provincial coalition to work on sexual and reproductive health issues.”

One wonders, of course, if these folks who signed on for your workshop and your coalition know they are being tainted with the brush of your former media difficulties.

I mean do they really want to join hands with a group that has members who have: Been arrested in the occupation of a Cabinet Minister’s Office; Used violence to destroy a pro-life display on campus; Picketed a Catholic Church while a wedding was taking place; Used anti-Catholic bigotry to support abortion rights.

And yet all these events have taken place. In perusing their own history, it comes as no surprise that they, or their handlers, would want, or should I say, need a few grand in order to teach their “activists” how to deal with the media.

One wonders if the Status of Women knows about their PR difficulties as well? You would think that by now the BC Ministry of Women’s Equality would know. Do you think that perhaps, in their special “workshop” that the fine art of pro-life display trashing was on the agenda?