It’s not going to be tough to say goodbye to the greatest collection of tiny talented, Liberal-leaning radical feminists in the world. Nor to a similar collection of hedonistic, loyal, lightweight Liberal males also owing their unwarranted rise to our highest court to the slavish worship of Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s faulty musings. (Pierre used to say that the government had no business in the bedrooms of the nation and all the simpletons applauded. Well, Pierre, where do you think incest takes place? And if you were still around, it would also be same-sex “marriage”?)

Canada is a country founded on Judeo-Christian concepts. What has happened? Why did seven of the nine justices rule recently that two Montreal group sex clubs were as harmless as bingo. That was as long as the sex – even public – was consensual and all parties involved agreed to it. (And, because of our present law, 14-year-olds are considered adults and could engage in it as long as no alcohol was sold on the premises. And no smoking, kids. Remember also. no attending during school hours, please.)

The Supreme Court with its group sex clubs ruling just tossed righteousness out the window! It gave the green light to public sodomy, public fornication, public adultery and public anything that club members agree to.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin commented that she does not think our Supreme Court appointment process should be politicized. Too late, Beverley, it already is. All you have to yell is “Liberal!” and you’re in.

The Supreme Court is not a contemplative order of nuns, Beverley. Applicants should be willing to face a bit of scrutiny. Citizens want to know what would-be Supreme Court justices think before we give them the job. “What’s your stand on same-sex ‘marriages’? Group sex clubs? Abortion? Increasing the age of consent to 16? Putting convicted pornographers and other hard-core criminals in jail – at least until the police officers can get home?”

Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, speaking for the other six justices who agreed with her position, said that group sex neither offends nor harms the Canadian public. Where is she coming from? I remember what she is promoting was called the “gay plague.” That’s history, I suppose. Now it’s studied during AIDS Awareness Week. All she has to read is something other than the Globe And Mail and the Toronto Star to learn of the wholesale decimation of African and other nations over promiscuous activities. No one ever got AIDS on a golf course, unless they weren’t concentrating on their golf.

Let’s get to the core of the problem. It’s how we pick our Supreme Court and \ lower court judges, magistrates and justices of peace. Out of a sea of left-leaning Marxist ideologues, we pick our judges. He or she is never Joe the carpenter or Jane the seamstress, the church-going Norman Rockwell people of the nation. Why would our judges worship God when the god they’re worshipping is in their mirror every morning?

When former “minister of Liberal justice” Irwin Cotler was asked, “Shouldn’t Canadians be allowed to have some input in redefining marriage in the form of a referendum?” he pompously answered, “You don’t advance minority rights by subjecting them to a public opinion poll at a given moment in time.” That’s like saying the great unwashed’s opinion is of no value.

When Cotler was asked why wouldn’t Martin allow cabinet colleagues to vote freely on the same-sex ‘marriage’ bill C38, he replied that it was a government bill and had been referred to the Supreme Court (read: Liberal appointees) for their opinion. He thought the PM was correct in saying ministers should be voting for the bill as a matter of cabinet responsibility. That’s like saying to fellow cabinet ministers, “Leave your brains at home and let the PM’s office tell you what to do.” And they did. Good grief! If the cabinet ministers don’t have any clout, members of Parliament don’t have any clout and the Senate graveyard doesn’t have any clout – and the Canadian people wern’t allowed to speak for themselves – what could they do?

They did something. It led to the great unwashed rising up out of the swamp and throwing Cotler and the arrogant, crooked Marxist Liberals out of office. Hurrah! I feel better already. I hope it’s not something I’m smoking. (Just kidding.)