Sonny Bono’s election to the House of Congress was only one of the many surprises of the wild November 8 U.S. mid-term elections.

Another was the landslide victory by the pro-life candidates who dominated Congressional Senate and Gubernatorial votes which all but wiped out any gains the Democrats had previously made.

Just two years ago it looked like Americans had given President Bill Clinton a mandate to go ahead with his big spending, anti-life agenda. However, despite enjoying majorities in both Congress and Senate, Clinton and the Democrats have managed to let that support slip away.

Pro-life groups across the U.S. were unanimously ecstatic with the results of the election which saw 29 abortion-supporting incumbents lose their seats and an additional 34 pro-life candidates win open Congressional seats.

“In this election, not a single pro-life incumbent member of Congress of either party was defeated by a pro-abortion challenger,” said an overjoyed Carol Long, director of National Right to Life Committee. “But over two dozen hare-core incumbent pro-abortion members of Congress were defeated by pro-life challengers.”

Adding to the Congressional success was the fact that of the 11 newly-elected Senators, only one is seen to be strongly pro-abortion.

A new twist to the 104th Congress will be the presence of seven pro-life congresswomen. “For the first time, you will see numbers of women standing up on the floor of the Congress to speak for the majority of Americans – and women in particular – who are pro-life,” said Marjorie Jones Dannenfelser, president of the pro-life political action committee, The Susan B. Anthony List.

Though observers cannot project what lies in store for the next Congress, they are sure of one thing. “No matter what kind of health care bill the president proposes, if it does not explicitly exclude abortion, it will not pass,” said Douglas Johnson, federal legislative director for NRLC.

Comforting words for pro-life Americans who held little hope just two years ago.