Many Ontario MPPs claim to be Christian.  But few of them stand up for the values which must underlie any decent society.  None of them have protested against the Peterson-Caplan abortion policies and only one of them Hans Daigeler (Nepean) who absented himself, lifted a finger to prevent the passage of the Sunday shopping bill, which went ahead despite the massive evidence that the public did not want it and that it would undermine the welfare of the family.

The following Ontario MPPs – all liberal – voted in favour of the Sunday shopping law proposed by the government of Premier David Peterson.

The legislation passed on February 7, 1989 leaves it to the municipalities to decide whether or not to allow shopping on Sunday.

Adams, Peter.  Peterborough

Ballinger, William G.  Durham-York

Beer, Charles.  North York

Black, Kenneth H., Muskoka-Georgian Bay

Bossy, Maurice L., Chatham-Kent

Bradley, Hon. James J., St. Catherines

Brown, Michael A., Algoma-Manitoulin

Callahan, Robert V., Brampton South

Campbell, Sterling.  Sudbury

Carrothers, Douglas A., Oakville South

Chiarelli, Robert.  Ottawa West

Cleary, John C., Cornwall

Collins, Shirley, Wentworth East

Conway, Hon. Sean G., Renfrew North

Cordiano, Joseph.  Lawrence

Dietsch, Michael M., St. Catherines-Brock

Eakins, Hon. John F., Victoria-Halliburton

Elliot, R. Walter, Halton North

Elson, Hon. Murray J., Bruce

Epp, Herbert A., Waterloo North

Faubert, Frank, Scarborough-Ellesmere

Fawcett, Joan M., Northumberland

Ferraro, Rick E., Guelph

Fleet, David, High Park-Swansea

Fontaine, Hon. Rene, Cochrane North

Fulton, Hon. Ed, Scarborough West

Furlong, Allan W., Durham Centre

Grandmaitre, Hon. Bernard C., Ottawa East

Haggerty, Ray, Niagara South

Hart, Christine, York East

Henderson, D. James, Etobicoke-Humber

Hosek, Hon. Chaviva, Oakwood

Kanter, Ron, St. Andrew-St. Patrick

Kerrio, Hon. Vincent G., Niagara Falls

Kozyra, Taras B., Port Arthur

Kwinter, Hon. Monte, Wilson Heights

LeBourdais, Linda, Etobicoke West

Leone, Laureano, Downsview

Lupusella, Tony, Dovercourt

MacDonald, Keith, Prince Edward/Lennox

Mahoney, Steven W., Mississauga West

Mancini, Hon. Remo, Essex South

Matrundola, Gino, Willowdale

McClelland, Carman, Brampton North

McGuigan, James F., Essex-Kent

McGuinty, Dalton J., Ottawa South

McLeod, Hon. Lyn, Fort William

Miclash, Frank, Kenora

Miller, Gordon I., Norfolk

Morin, Gilles E., Carleton East

Munro, Hon. Lily Oddie, Hamilton Centre

Neumann, David E., Brantford

Nicholas, Cindy, Scarborough Centre

Nixon, J., Bradford, York Mills

O’Neil, Hon. Hugh P., Quinte

Offer, Steven, Mississauga North

Owen, Bruce, Simcoe Centre

Patten, Hon. Richard, Ottawa Centre

Pelissero, Harry E., Lincoln

Peterson, David R., London Centre

Phillips, Hon. Gerry, Scarborough-Agincourt

Poisinelli, Claudio, Yorkview

Poole, Dianne, Eglinton

Ramsay, Hon. David Timiskaming

Ray, Michael C., Windsor-Walkerville

Reycraft, Douglas R., Middlesex

Riddell, Hon. Jack, Huron

Roberts, Marietta, Elgin

Ruprecht, Tony, Parkdale

Scott, Hon. Ian G., St. George-St. David

Smith, David W., Lambton

Smith, Hon. E. Joan, London South

Sola, John, Mississauga East

Sorbara, Hon. Gregory, York Centre

Sullivan, Barbara, Halton Centre

Sweeney, Hon. John, Kitchener-Wilmot

Tatham, Charlie, Oxford

Velshi, Murad, Don Mills

Ward, Hon. Christopher, Wentworth North

Wilson, Hon. Mavis, Dufferin-Peel

Wong, Hon. Robert C., Fork York

Wrye, Hon. William, Windsor-Sandwich