In his classic novel, A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens wrote, “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”  For those needing health care, there is no ambiguity.  These are critical times.

Confronted with Ontario’s exploding health care crisis, NDP Premier Bob Rae’s smug response was that in a recession, “We can all be expected to tighten our belts.”

Under changes made by Premier Rae, shortly after coming to power, the Ontario Ministry of Health will pay all abortion expenses including the abortionist’s fee, up to $1,000 for “administrative costs,” plus the woman’s travel expenses.  Perhaps one could ignore the arrogance, the scandals, and the bumbling incompetence which had rapidly become the hallmark of the Ontario NDP government.  What cannot be ignored is the blitzkrieg assault on life and family values.

The Attorney General has followed up with threats that pro-life picketers could expect to be severely punished.

While in Opposition, at least some NDP caucus members, such as Mike Farnan and Gille Pouliot, professed to be “pro-life.”  Enjoying the perks and privileges of power, not so much as a whimper of protest was heard from either man.  The only political party to condemn the Rae government was the Family Coalition Party.  Unfortunately, it does not yet have a seat in the provincial legislature.

Ontario is faced with an extremely serious crisis in health care.  Many hospitals are operating at dangerous deficit levels, which has led to services being cut and staff laid off.  Thousands of hospital beds have been closed.  Communities cannot afford needed medical equipment.  Some are without adequate services or doctors.  People die waiting for surgery.

Instead of infusing some life and vigour into a sick system, the Ontario NDP government’s reaction has been to introduce more politics of death.  Many observers feel that financial consideration has been the impetus behind such legislation as the “living will,” and The Consent to Treatment Act, which were introduced by the government.  One disability organization has termed the NDP legislation as “a perilous threat to those who are disabled or vulnerable.”

Having set the framework to deal a deadly blow to the unborn and to encourage the vulnerable to die, the Ontario NDP launched another assault on the family in its announcement that it would extend full married benefits to provincial employees in a homosexual/lesbian relationship.  The Ontario NDP now grants a homosexual couple with the same status as a man and wife in marriage and is currently examining ways to force the private sector to comply.

Bob Rae has appointed a number of open homosexuals and lesbians to sensitive and powerful positions I the province.  He continues to pour millions of dollars into AIDS committees in spite of public allegations – by the homosexual community itself – that some of those funds have been misdirected and mishandled.

After only a year in power, many veteran political observers are already calling Bob Rae a “one-term wonder.”  In Ontario, the NDP plummet in the polls has been dramatic.  It seems that Bob Rae’s vision is a nightmare in the eyes of most Ontario residents.  Are you listening, Premier Bob?