How can we tell one political party from another?

You can’t! Recently, we had John Tory, the head of the official Tory opposition in Ontario, putting a hammer lock on his elected MPPs and forcing those poor wretches to vote for same-sex “marriage.” Tory didn’t want to make same-sex an issue. John was in a two-step with the Ontario Liberals. John, you’re supposed to be the leader of Her Majesty’s loyal OPPOSITION! No wonder they’re running neck and neck in the polls. They’re both the same party! What a choice we have in Ontario. The NDP? A helpless, left-leaning version of the Liberals. Identical triplets – no one can tell them apart.

Would proportional representation give the 30 to 40 per cent of the electorate who don’t vote an incitement to vote? The power groups love “first-past-the-post.” They don’t want to give seats away in the legislature to people who represent 30 to 40 per cent of the people. Former Ontario Liberal leader Bob Nixon said – after his own party was decimated in the election – that now it was much easier to have a consensus. The power groups don’t like referendums, either. Same-sex “marriage” would have been tossed out the window. Just remember that the Ontario Liberals got 70 per cent of the seats with just 40 per cent of the vote. Fair?

Some pundits object to the possibility of a religious (read: pro-life/anti-same-sex voter) group that might join together with an ethnic group to get their own representatives in the legislature. Why, they might team up one day and eliminate partial-birth abortion and euthanasia and repeal same-sex “marriage” laws. Yeah, right.

All political parties are not the same, you say. Oh – what about Jack Layton dragging 17 of his 18 members with him to vote with the Liberals recently in favour of same-sex “marriages?” This was to save the federal Liberal government from being vanquished in an election if it was called. This was a marriage not made in heaven. All for big bundles of cash unscripted in the budget for stroking Layton’s supporters. Jack, the polls show that NDP voters are mad as March hares for the NDP jumping into bed with the Liberals and the Bloc. Jack, you were elected to show OPPOSITION to the Liberals.

Then we have the BQ, the Quebec version of the Maoist Party. Forty-three of the 48 members voted with the Liberal party. You had a beautiful chance to throw out the Liberals and muffed it! Guys! You were voted in to OPPOSE the crooked Liberals, not to prop them up! A weird coalition of unalikes voted in Bill C-38, same-sex (an “un-Civil” Marriage Act).

The key vote was Belinda Stronach, who switched to the Liberals. Her big cabinet post wasn’t for money, it was for power and more successful career prospects ahead. When Belinda got booed at the Conservative convention upon coming out in favour of same-sex marriage – she was gone. Lucky Belinda won’t have to fundraise when the PM’s job comes open.

Former chairman of Canada Post, Andre Oulette, can’t seem to find his receipts for $2 million in expense claims, after it was learned that he had implicated Canada Post in the sponsorship scandal. Prime Minister Paul Martin also doesn’t appear to have lost any sleep over his old political buddy not being able to find them. I predict a long and unsuccessful search for them.

Then you have Liberal cabinet minister Pierre Pettigrew urging Canada’s religious leaders to stay out of the same-sex “marriage” controversy. They’ve stayed largely out of politics and now you want them to stay out of religion?

Veteran Liberal Dingwall was forced to resign as the head of Canada’s mint when his ex-cabinet minister and top aides ran up expenses of more than $740,000 last year. Dingwall spent much of the money on lavish travel, fine dining and costly entertaining. Just because he worked for the mint doesn’t mean he owned it.

Why is it that a politician who comes from a modest family lifestyle can develop so quickly a taste for high living? Because you, the readers, are paying for it and he isn’t. And now, he will wrestle a glorious severance package out of the federal government and a pension that will make Conrad Black envious.

Well, we taxpayers – and we all are – can’t imagine the strain that these bloated bureaucrats are under. That’s why they have to party all night. I don’t want to kick Dingwall around too much. I’ve got an application in for his job.