A longtime friend of mine, an expatriate from the United Kingdom via Toronto, living permanently in Quebec, is voting for the Bloc and so are almost all of his English-speaking friends. They want to rid themselves of the Gomery-tarred Liberals. (And there isn’t a pro-life candidate to be found.) If this becomes a trend in the forthcoming election, maybe the Liberals in Quebec will have as many MPs elected as the Conservatives.

My friend enjoys jokes that spoof the English. He tells about a customer who comes into a pharmacy in Toronto and calls out: “Does anybody here speak French?” The pharmacist proudly runs out from behind the counter at the back yelling: “Je! Je!” And another of his favourites is when an English-speaking Canadian lectures a French Canadian: “Why do you French Canadians insist on calling it a ‘poulet’ when you know it’s a ‘chicken’?”

Recently, I was asked whom to vote for in the forthcoming federal election. In the last federal election, I had urged readers to vote for Mother Teresa – even though she was not running and, moreover, was dead. This time, it’s an easy question to answer. Don’t vote Liberal – unless your Liberal MP voted against same-sex “marriage” farce Bill C-38 (the Civil Marriage Act). Those who stood on principle sank their prospects for a committee chair or a federal cabinet post, and gone is that trip with the spouse and entourage to the French Riviera to study iceberg formations in the Antarctic. No warm Senate seat to slumber in. No ambassador’s job in a sunny clime. No double-dipping. God forgives, but the Liberal Ottawa brass never does. That little act of courage may be just enough to tip the scales for that MP when St. Peter is looking over his/her resume.

Perhaps it is time to abandon your long-time devotion to the Liberal party. Reconsider how you vote. Never mind if your great-grandfather at his baptism also had an invisible ‘L’ for Liberal marked on his forehead and that same ‘L’ appears on your forehead. Now is the time to show your mettle. Yes, great-grandfather may be turning over in his grave with you abandoning your Liberal roots, but he will be spinning a lot faster if he learns that you voted for a Liberal candidate who believes that men should be allowed to “marry” men. If you do, don’t look for a reference from granddad.

Never mind if the media says same-sex “marriage” is not an issue and that it’s been settled. Never mind if some political parties don’t want to revisit the issue. Never mind if John Tory says it’s a divisive issue. So was slavery. If enough pro-lifers make it the issue, then it will become an issue.

If you’ll pardon the expression, it is time to vote as a block. This issue should be the litmus test for every candidate running. We know how the MPs voted on the same-sex “marriage” issue – well, almost all of them. Thirteen abstained and four were paired.

They can’t lie to us. Tell them at the door. Tell them on the phone. Tell them at the office. Tell them at the plant. Tell your relatives. Tell your friends and neighbours and even talk to your dog about it: same-sex “marriage” is the issue.

What happens if there is no pro-traditional marriage candidate running in your riding? I would suggest you move. Just kidding. I’d bite my lip and vote Conservative. Why? Because Harper and the Conservative party, if elected, might revisit the issue, but the Liberal party, if re-elected, wouldn’t.

If Harper looked across the aisle from the PM’s seat and saw a considerable number of strongly traditional marriage proponents elected as Liberals, he might have little difficulty scuttling the wacky and wicked inane same-sex “marriage” law.

If everything else fails: “Mother Teresa help!”