I have mixed emotions today as I write in this newsletter. I am very sad to report the loss of one of my heroes, Lila Stanford. Lila fell and suffered a head injury. After lingering for about 10 days, and only after she had said her goodbyes to everyone, she quietly slipped into her final sleep. For those who knew Lila you already understand how much she will be missed; for those who did not know her, be assured that we have lost one of the best. I offer here an all-too-brief testimonial to Lila.

One word describes her: faithful. Faithful to her God, faithful to her family, faithful to her friends, and faithful to her community. From the early days of hospital board elections, to local politics, the provincial scene and on the federal level, Lila never ever cast a single vote or worked for a party that compromised one unborn baby’s life. Lila was pro-life. She never missed a meeting, conference strategy session or opportunity to speak for life. When that wasn’t enough she started B.C. Parents and Teachers for Life, an organization that thrives today and is a strong voice for the unborn because of her faithfulness.

I am so grateful to have called Lila my friend. Her family will grieve her loss. Her friends will mourn her passing. Her community will notice the stillness now that her voice is silenced.