The Central Student Association of the University of Guelph unanimously decided to pull accreditation from Life Choice, the pro-life student group, deeming it “unsafe to women” due to its promotion of the pro-life message. Accreditation was pulled after the club’s “Life Fair,” in which pro-life speakers addressed the audience and pro-life signs and images were displayed.

The CSA said the pro-life activism of Life Choice violated the student union’s policy that female students have “the fundamental right of all women to control their bodies,” including “access to safe, reliable birth control and family planning information and the right of choice in the method” and the “freedom of choice choosing one’s stance in the matter of abortion.” Joel Harnest, CSA’s human resources commissioner, told The Ontarion, the university’s newspaper, the Life Fair “wasn’t pro-life, it was anti-choice” and thus constituted an “unsafe space” for women.

Life Choice president Cara Benninger said the club was not invited to the CSA meeting to defend itself, nor was it alerted to the fact that its accreditation was in question. Benninger said, “We want our university to be a place where people feel free to express their viewpoints, so we’re going to stand by our right to do so.” They are appealing the decision.