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The Interim

Mark Crutcher is the founder and president of Life Dynamics Inc., a Denton-Tx.-based organization founded in 1991. LDI has become known for its Abortion Malpractice Program, the Direct Mail program and various undercover investigations into the U.S. abortion industry. Those investigations have revealed, among other things, a trade in human body parts and cover-ups of pedophiles and child predators.

He has authored books including Lime 5, which documented shocking malfeasance within abortion circles, and Access: The Key to Victory. LDI is currently producing LifeTalk, a 30-minute pro-life radio and television talk show.

More information on Life Dynamics Inc. can be found at its website: You can also call (940) 380-8800 or write to: P.O. Box 2226, Denton, Tx., U.S.A., 76202.

The Interim spoke to Crutcher recently by telephone to his headquarters and asked him about the latest developments at LDI, as well as the state of the battle against abortion in the U.S.

The Interim: What’s new at LDI? Are there any current projects you’re focusing on?

Crutcher: We have several projects we’re working on right now. One of them is the Child Predator Project … We’ve been working on that for almost five years. It’s been frustrating at times, in that we haven’t been able to get people fired up about it. But in the last three weeks, things have exploded on this issue.

The Interim: You do specialized work that no other pro-life ministry or organization concentrates on – the dirt in the abortion industry, if you will. How did you get drawn to fill that particular need?

Crutcher: When I started Life Dynamics, one of the things I looked around for was what I perceived as holes in the (pro-life) effort. I had no interest in creating another pro-life organization to duplicate the efforts of the existing organizations. One of the things I noticed was that the pro-life movement had never developed a really sophisticated or professional counter-intelligence or intelligence-gathering mechanism. Everything we did on that front was somewhat haphazard and amateurish. That was something I knew something about …

I developed some of my own strategies for getting information … The revelations about the abortion industry being involved in the marketing of baby parts … We were the organization that brought that information out. We were undercover in an abortion clinic in Oberland, Ks. for 31 months and were able to come out with information and documentation to prove that there was this grisly trade in aborted parts of babies. Our child predator campaign was another investigation with aspects that were undercover.

I’ve got a few other things like that that I’m working on right now. The reason we started doing this was basically because no one else was.

Another thing we do is a lot of public education through our television show, LifeTalk. We develop materials for teaching people how to articulate the pro-life position. I have a brand new book that came out in February called On Message. We’re calling it the pro-life handbook … It basically boils down the arguments of the abortion industry … We can absolutely decimate any argument they have …

We have an enormous number of young people coming into the pro-life movement. In America, the highest rate of pro-life sentiment is among people 15-25 and it’s growing exponentially. While the abortion industry is aging, the pro-life movement is getting younger …

The Interim: What is the role of the media in all this? There are so many investigative news programs on television and so on. Why do none of them try to get into this kind of thing? Why is it left to people like you to do it?

Crutcher: Because they don’t want to know it! They don’t want to know it even when someone else comes up with it. Going back to the child predator example, no one can challenge the documentation that we have … Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation are operating a nationwide pedophile protection ring. They are knowingly and overtly protecting men who sexually abuse and rape children. If that were not the case … if they could sue me for libel or slander, they would do it in a minute …

Truth is an absolute defence … The pedophile protection racket, in its scale and scope, dwarfs the pedophile priest problem … We have made the secular media in this country fully aware of this problem, and they won’t touch it or come close to it.

The Interim: How do the media react to your work in general, not just on the pedophile issue?

Crutcher: They ignore it … If they don’t ignore it, nine times out of 10, their response is to attack us … When I challenge the media on why they’re not covering it, they say, “Well, this is just part of your anti-choice agenda. We can’t trust anything that comes from you” … I said (to the media), “The first time someone came to you with a story about a pedophile priest, I guarantee that you jumped all over it. You didn’t know at that point whether it was true or not.”

The Interim: Certainly, there’s no one here (in Canada) doing the kind of work you’re doing. But perhaps for Canadian pro-lifers who’d like to dig more into this kind of thing, is there some advice you could give them on how they could go about doing it?

Crutcher: The first thing you need to do is research the laws regarding mandatory reporting (of child sexual abuse) … If there are mandatory reporting laws, I would urge them to contact me at Life Dynamics and we can tell them how to go about looking for evidence of it. I will bet my home that exactly what is going on in the U.S. is going on in Canada …

This is, at its heart, a spiritual battle. As spiritually bankrupt as the U.S. is, Canada is even further down that trail. You guys have basically adopted socialism many years before the U.S. … But the good news in the U.S. is that it is turning around. Polls consistently show far more people today will identify themselves as pro-life than at any time in history. And the highest rate of pro-life sentiment is among the young … The abortion industry is publicly concerned …

But we can’t separate ourselves from the abortion policies of Canada and Mexico. I can see a scenario where America returns legal protection to the unborn but Canada doesn’t. Canada then sets up a cottage industry in baby killing … (ringing) the border in death camps.

The Interim: Your website states that you’re not here to just put up a good fight, but to win. The question arises: how realistic is it that we can win this battle comprehensively?

Crutcher: I can tell you that in the U.S., we are winning … I think we’re going to win. I couldn’t fight this battle every day if I thought I was just here fooling around, treading water. That’s not my makeup. When I drive into the gate at our office every day, my goal is to grind these people into the hard ground. That’s the attitude I have to have in order to continue doing this. I also have to believe we have a chance of winning. I’m absolutely convinced we’re winning right now – the abortion mills are shutting down. Since I started Life Dynamics in 1992, approximately two-thirds of the abortion clinics in the U.S. have shut down permanently … Public sentiment is turning. When the win will come, I don’t know …

If the (Christian) church would decide it wants to stop abortion, then it’s over. The guilt of the church over abortion is not significantly different from that of the abortion industry for doing the abortions. Any denomination of any size could stop abortion overnight. They just haven’t chosen to do so … (Abortion) could end the minute you put spine in the backs of America’s preachers and priests. Until that happens, we may have to win it without them …

We’ve reached a point in this culture where we’re at the showdown phase. It’s time to decide whose uniform you’re going to wear. Are you going to wear God’s uniform or Satan’s uniform? … The Christian community is going to have to stand up and say, “We’re at the Alamo. We’re drawing a line in the sand. Decide which side of the line you’re going to be on. You can’t stand on the line anymore.” We’re not going to allow pastors, priests and cowards standing behind pulpits to hijack the church and watch another Holocaust go on.

This is the Christian church’s history – with the Nazi Holocaust and with slavery … the most horrible thing (the church) has done is stand on the sidelines … They know good and well they’re doing it again now … Our culture is collapsing because the church has already collapsed … The church is leading America to hell. That’s what’s happening.

The Interim: What directions would you like to see LDI go into?

Crutcher: There are some intelligence things we’re doing, which we can’t talk about until they’re actually done. But one of the things we’re really excited about is making a concerted effort toward youth. That’s the future … The kids coming into the pro-life movement are on fire … At the pro-abort marches, it’s a bunch of old people. They’re bitter, nasty, vitriolic and old … They have not evolved one day since 1969. I swear some of them still drive Volkswagen buses with peace signs on the back of them … If Canada continues to get worse, make it very well known the godless left is very welcome up there. Lure them all up there and then you all move to Texas!