Accessibility in Toronto: far from perfect

The world has watched Toronto for the past two months as the city hosted the Pan Am and ParaPan Am Games. Given that the city is renowned worldwide, you might think that it has gone the extra mile to provide a welcoming environment for visitors of all abilities.  This is not the case – a great deal of work still needs to [...]

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Disappearing Down Syndrome

Wesley Smith writes about how there are fewer people with Down Syndrome (and dwarfism) because about 90% of children diagnosed in utero with Down are aborted, and many parents who do not abort are viewed with contempt for bringing children into the world with such disabilities. We've written before about the dangers of expanding genetic screening when there is no treatment or [...]

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Alison Davis, RIP

Chesterton said that "Journalism largely consists in saying Lord Jones is dead to people who never knew Lord Jones was alive." In that tradition we report that Alison Davis has passed away. If you didn't know that Alison Davis was alive, you should have. She was the founder of the disability rights group, No Less Human, and just two weeks ago she wrote a letter [...]

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