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Late news flashes

Vernon, B.C. On August 2, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney finally broke his (pro-abortion) silence when he told B.C. radio listeners that he opposes abortion on demand, but accepts it under certain circumstances.  He refused to clarify what these circumstances might be. Ottawa. On August 4, John Turner repeated the classic “personally I am for life, but publicly I am for killing” evasion.  [...]

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Jake Epp vs Barbara McDougall

A number of MPs and reporters called the abortion debate Parliament’s finest hour; the speeches on both sides were of unusually high quality for the House of Commons.  On July 27, a remarkable confrontation took place between two Tory Cabinet ministers – Barbara McDougall, Minister of Employment and Immigration and Jake Epp Minister of Health and Welfare. n; Ms. McDougall gave an [...]

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Commons Vote Reveals Pro-Life Strength

September 1988 Parliament’s rejection of the government’s abortion on demand motion of July 28 pleased both sides of the controversial issue.  But despite claims of the pro-abortion lobby that the defeat was a victory for them, the facts revealed to Canadians nationwide and the pro-life forces had much greater strength than the media had given the public to believe. The only pro-life [...]

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