Vernon, B.C. On August 2, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney finally broke his (pro-abortion) silence when he told B.C. radio listeners that he opposes abortion on demand, but accepts it under certain circumstances.  He refused to clarify what these circumstances might be.

Ottawa. On August 4, John Turner repeated the classic “personally I am for life, but publicly I am for killing” evasion.  Said the Liberal leader: “My duty as a legislator in a pluralistic society, despite my personal view, is to achieve the common good that will somehow reconcile deeply held polarized views on abortion.”

On August 7, the Law Reform Commission made public another astonishing recommendation.  Earlier in May, it outlined three abortion-on-demand proposals.  This time, four of its five members recommended that the rights of the unborn could be protected by allowing free killing up to 22 weeks; beyond that, they stated, the killings should be approved by two independent doctors.  Some protection!

Vancouver. On August 8, the B.C. Supreme Court ruled that the Superintendent of Child Welfare acted illegally when he made a baby boy a ward of the state before he was born.  He had no right to apprehend the mother, the Court said, because he had no jurisdiction over a fetus, only over a human being.

Minnesota, U.S.A. On August 8, the U.S. Federal Appellate Court, by a vote of seven to three, upheld a Minnesota law which required a minor to notify both parents 48 hours in advance of her intent to have an abortion.  The ruling is binding in seven states.

Vancouver, B.C. Premier William Vander Zalm intends to be the godfather of a month-old baby whose mother he has never met.  The Premier’s public opposition to the killing of the unborn convinced Serina Hinde of North Vancouver not to have an abortion.  Shows what real courage can accomplish!