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Vigils support prisoners

Since August 27 hundreds of men, women and children have gathered each Sunday evening to keep a prayerful, candlelight vigil outside Toronto jails holding the Christian men and women who stay there rather than promise not to try to prevent the deaths of preborn children. Two women and ten men – including two Roman Catholic priests, Frs. Ted Colleton and Giovanni Battaglini [...]

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1987 abortion stats

Stephen Bohus Number of Reported Abortions Province Ontario 32,619 Quebec 24,053 British Columbia 10,525* Alberta 5,898 Manitoba                       3,027* Saskatchewan               1,233* Nova Scotia                  1,746 New Brunswick               373* Newfoundland                             433 PEI                                      6 NWT                               373** Yukon                             139** Total           80,435 *87/88 financial year data **projected from 86 figures from Statistics Canada Notes: The statistical figures were obtained from [...]

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Condom Triumphant

At the end of May, a high school in Qualicum Beach, B.C., announced that it hoped to introduce condom vending machines in its washrooms. “Condoms are not for birth control,” said a teacher. “It’s a health issue. We have to face reality.” A few days later, the Toronto Star reported that Toronto high school students may also be able to buy condoms [...]

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Promoting condoms

New Democratic MLA Tom Perry is distributing a 60-second film on AIDS and safe sex. It was commissioned by the provincial health ministry but withheld after Premier William Vander Zalm denounced it as an ad for condoms. Dr. Perry, a physician said “it is not wimpish or nerd-like to protect yourself against AIDS.” Greg Layne, a “gay man” infected with AIDS through [...]

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Holes in the condom

The following is a critique of an article in Consumer’s Report, March 1989. Statement: “Under a scanning electron microscope at 30,000 power, the surface of a latex condom appears somewhat bumpy but shows no pores.” Rebuttal: The bumps are the pores! What would you expect to see – the Grand Canyon? If latex doesn’t have pores, how could it stretch? If it [...]

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Aids and condoms

We cannot escape the truth that AIDS is both a moral issue and a public health issue. We are now into an epidemic of venereal diseases including AIDS which is escalating at unprecedented levels and rapidity. (Times-Colonist, June 27, 1989) The only way we can protect our young people is to instruct them that chastity before marriage and fidelity in marriage to [...]

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Pornography – acid rain to the brain

Did you know that Canada doesn’t have a law against any kind of pornography? For two dreadful weeks in April of 1985, when the Supreme Court of Canada threw out the obscenity laws, a veritable flood of pornography entered Canada. The government needed the consent of all parties to act, which it fortunately obtained. And it quickly put out an interim measure [...]

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Operation rescue in Canada

For most people information is limited to a local newspaper or what they see or hear on a brief local TV or radio news report. Often they are not aware how limited this information is or how much of the truth is omitted through the sieve of editorial bias. The pro-life movement is especially subject to the latter, including willful distortion, occasionally [...]

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Religion in Ontario schools

As school resumed this September, the Ontario Court of Appeal was being told that the Elgin County School Board is indoctrinating children in the Christian faith. Lawyer John B. Laskin, representing the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, was appealing a lower court decision that neither the curriculum nor provincial regulations authorizing religious education violates the Charter of Rights. In 1963, Laskin said, 7-year-old [...]

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“Prominent” men explain

The group of 22 was organized, press reports stated in early August, by Toronto economist, Gordon Cleveland. “Defend women’s rights to abortion, men urge,” stated one headline. “Men are urged to get behind pro-choice movement,” read another. “Men rally for abortion – Ruling slammed,” and “Actor, ex-envoy join fight for right to choose abortion” stated a third and fourth report. It sounded [...]

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In jail for life

Editor’s Note: This column was written before the author was jailed for refusing to acknowledge the validity of the Morgentaler injunction. Today is August 2nd, and the papers are full of front-page news about the Chantal Daigle case. So much has been written and spoken recently about the Dodd and Daigle sad cases that I decided enough is enough and I would [...]

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You were asking?

What exactly is a fetus?  What is an embryo? And what is the difference between them?  C.B., Toronto I am taking it for granted that you refer to a human fetus and embryo. Both terms belong to specific early stages of development of a new human life. The embryo develops into a fetus in the same way that the infant who crawls [...]

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Ontario RNs seek protection clause

Ontario nurses may win the right to refuse to assist with abortions in their next contract. To date, nurses who work in abortion-performing hospitals in Ontario have been left with little choice when it comes to the abortion issue. Credit Valley Hospital in Toronto was picketed by members of Nurses for Life when they moved their abortion facility to the pediatric floor. [...]

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CMA deceives

Physicians for life has indicted the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) for consistently misrepresenting the true beliefs of Canada’s doctors with respect to abortion. Dr. Ranalli On August 21, Physicians for Life mounted a press conference simultaneously in eleven cities across Canada. In Toronto, Dr. Paul Ranalli, a neurologist at York Finch General Hospital and president of that city’s chapter of Physicians for [...]

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Montreal women march for unborn

A Women’s March for the Unborn drew approximately 300 women to downtown Montreal on September 9. Many women carried signs and banners as they marched silently from Cabot Square, near the Montreal Children’s Hospital, to the Quebec Palais de Justice in Old Montreal. Although the number of participants, some 300, was perhaps less than had been hoped for, organizers were encouraged by [...]

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