U.S. media ignore rescuers

Operation Rescue pierced the habitual media blackout of U.S. pro-life action in 1988-89, but things returned to the status quo in 1990. News of the sacrifices of bishops, aborted women and others has been completely suppressed. In January 1990 Bishop Austin Vaughan was jailed in Albany, New York, for two weeks. Although Bp. Vaughan was the first bishop in the history of [...]

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The In Basket

Unlawful unions Writing in the December 1989 issue of the leftist Toronto-based Our Times, John Bailey, a member of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (C.U.P.E.), advised his readers: “Workers can get their unions to include the extension of benefits to same-sex couples in their contracts when they are negotiating with the employer.” The plague years Recent statistics conflict with the allegation [...]

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Nova Scotia law scorned

Halifax Step by practiced step, Henry Morgentaler has worked toward his goal of free-standing abortion “clinics” in Nova Scotia. Step one: verbal violence The government has consistently rejected his overtures. In 1989, changes in legislation restricted abortions and several other medical procedures to approved hospitals. Morgentaler described it as “fraudulent, reactionary and stupid legislation that violates women’s rights, and violates the Supreme [...]

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Families facing the 90s

Family Forum, an information an analysis organization, hosted its first conference in Hamilton on February 17. The group’s motto – “God, Family and Country” – was supported by speakers at the one-day event, held at bethel Gospel Tabernacle. Over thirty delegates, representing the interests of pro-life and pro-family groups, were welcomed by Family Forum president Lynne Scime. Mrs. Scime emphasized the educational [...]

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RCs march on Bishops’ office

Carrying signs reading “Canadian Bishops Support Abortion” and “Bishops Don’t Represent Us,” approximately sixty pro-life Catholics picketed the offices of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) February 21 in Ottawa. The demonstration was organized by Catholics for the Protection of the Unborn, and ad hoc group recently formed to protest the CCCB’s qualified support for C-43, the Mulroney government’s abortion bill [...]

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Seventeenth Anniversary

On January 22, the 17th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, the pro-life people of Arizona – like tens of thousands of others across the U.S. – marched to the state Capitol. On that Sunday, the priest at a large R.C. church in Scottsdale spoke clearly about the sin of abortion. He encouraged all present to fight the evil, to attend [...]

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On location in Arizona

The Interim’s regular contributor, Winifride Prestwich is vacationing in Arizona. In place of her column “You were asking” she has sent the following report on local developments. Democrats Arizona Democrats follow the abortion-on-demand line of federal Democrats. Delegates at their state convention, January 13, passed a number of anti-family resolutions. One supported “freedom of choice for abortion.” A second resolution, calling for [...]

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Dutch embassy defends euthanasia

A Conference on Euthanasia, sponsored by the Dutch Embassy, was held at Mt. Saint Vincent University.Both Dianna [Smith] and Ann Marie [Tomlins] attended; along with Mary Ann Hennessy from Nova Scotians United For Life (NSUL).We listened with horror as a representative of the Dutch government described Dutch policy regarding euthanasia. Having done our research, we became aware that the representative of the [...]

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On March 19, Guam’s Governor Joseph Ada signed into law an uncompromising pro-life statute. The new law, which goes into effect immediately, bans all abortions on the U.S. South Pacific island except when the mother’s life is endangered.

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Freedom squashed

Pro-lifer Father Tony Van Hee, who has spent 140 days fasting on the Hill, was the first of two people arrested on Monday, March 19, under new regulations banning demonstrators from carrying signs or shouting within 50 meters (150 feet) of Parliament. Father Van Hee neither carried a sign nor had he been shouting. Frail and wrapped in a blanket, he sat [...]

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The hearings on the Hill

The various groups appearing before the Parliamentary Committee reviewing Bill C-43, the proposed law on abortion, have at least one thing in common: they all oppose the legislation. Pro-abortion groups naturally argue that criminal sanctions against abortion are an infringement on a “woman’s right to choose.” This requires the now-familiar dismissal of medical facts showing that the unborn child is a human [...]

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Inclusive Language

The latest in the series of pamphlets published by the Life Ethics Centre is Donald DeMarco’s He/She? Inclusive Language and its Consequences. It is obtainable from the Life Ethics Centre, 53 Dundas St. East, Toronto, Ontario. (See advertisement on page 24),  at 70c a copy, or 10 for $7.00. Feminists argue that sexist language is noxious language. “Avoiding he,” they say, “is [...]

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Prayers & Penance

I remember hearing Bishop Fulton Sheen, the famous TV personality of some years ago, making the following statement: “All one has to do is give twenty-five radio talks and you have a book written.” On the same principle, all you have to do is give one talk and you have an article written. I was invited to be the guest speaker at [...]

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New men, old ideas

Modern feminist philosophy is full of contradictions. It decries male violence against women and children, yet insists that it is not an act of violent to abort a child. It refuses to acknowledge that a father has any say in whether or not the child is aborted, but insists that if a woman chooses to have the child the father be held [...]

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Bill C-43 imperils handicapped

The federal government’s proposed re-legalization of abortion would do “the greatest disservice to the disabled community possible” says a brief from a national non-profit organization representing people with mental handicaps. The Toronto-based Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) warns that Bill C-43, now under study by a parliamentary committee, will perpetuate “the misconception that a disabled person or fetus (baby) is a [...]

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