“Slap on wrist” for pro-life nurse

Despite a reprimand form her professional association, pro-life nurse Isobel Brophy says she’ll still give women patients “who ask leading question” the truth about abortion. The Terrace B.C. nurse underwent a grueling hearing this summer to face charges by the Registered Nurses Association of British Columbia (RNABC) or unethical and unprofessional conduct, and putting a patient at risk. The charges came after [...]

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Update – Religion

Jewry The reality of anti-Semitism Anti-Semitism is an ugly reality. In Canada it has expressed itself during the last year in synagogue vandalism and the desecration of graveyards in several cities – Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver and Hamilton. Most, perhaps all of this activity is carried out by members of tiny, but active white supremacist and other racist groups or by skinheads. [...]

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‘Supernatural rescue’ planned for October

Virginia Ku, a determined pro-life activist has sent over 2,000 letters about October’s ‘Supernatural rescue’ to pro-life organizations, ministers, priests and rabbis all across Canada. The goal is to get as many people as possible to entreat God to put an end to abortion. Offers of support have been coming in steadily from around the country. All anyone is asked to do, [...]

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Is Archbishop’s resignation necessary?

Paul Likoudis is an American writer and commentator on Catholic affairs. He has published many articles, principally on the Catholic view of moral and religious education. In the following article, he interviews Anne Roche-Muggeridge, a Canadian author well-known for two books analyzing the state of the Catholic Church in North America: The Gates of Hell: the Struggle for the Catholic Church, (1975), [...]

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“FCP a success,” says Leader

The Family Coalition Party’s second run in Ontario provincial politics was declared a success by party leader Don Pennell of Burlington, Ontario. “There as been 50-100 per cent increase in support in a number of ridings where the party had a candidate in 1987,” he stated; “and some new ridings produced over 2000 votes. “As for the future, we now have four [...]

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Tories take Manitoba

Conservative Premier Gary Filmon won a slim majority in the Manitoba provincial election September 11, taking 30 seats. Liberal leader Sharon Carstairs saw her part fall to third place, shrinking from 21 seats to seven. The final tally 1990 1988 Tories              30        25 NDP                20        12 Liberals           7         20 Popular vote Tories              204,870 (42%) NDP                139,853 (29%) Liberals           137,248 (28%) Other               [...]

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NDP wins Ontario

After 57 years of waiting in the Ontario legislature, the NDP was elected to form the government on September 8, 1990, with Bob Rae as the new Premier. NDPers were elected in 74 of the 130 ridings. The seemingly unassailable Liberal Party under David Peterson, which had been swept into power with a 95 seat landslide a mere three years earlier, lost [...]

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