Benefit dinner a sell-out Ian Gentles

Over 110 people met September 7 in Toronto to support the research and publishing work of the Human Life Research Institute (HLRI). Among the guests were Dr. Paul Ranalli, president of Toronto Physicians for Life, Judy Anderson, national president of REAL Women, Dr. Heather Morris, past president of Alliance for Life, and Don Bastian, Managing Editor of Stoddart Publishing. Guest speaker was [...]

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Yes, I’d do it again

Yes, I’d do it again, by Rev. Ted Colleton, C.S. Sp., Interim Publishing Co., 1990, Toronto. Following the success of his earlier book, Yes I’m a Radical, Father Ted here gives us an autobiographical account of his experiences, especially in a country very remote from our own. His Irish home, he tells us, was a haven of happiness and security, the emotion [...]

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Former MP publishes book

Pope Pius XII and the Jews was written by Ralph W. Stewart while he was a Conservative Member of Parliament. It takes up the defence of Pius XII who has often been accused of not doing enough to help save the Jews during World War II. Mr. Stewart researched the material during the late seventies when the wartime documents were first released [...]

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Alliance to air message

In the face of what seems to be a Canada-wide media blackout of abortion news, Alliance for Life (AFL), the Winnipeg-based pro-life educational organization plans to air a series of TV ads with the theme, “Abortion: A lot of love denied.” “Our goal is to keep the issue in front of the public,” said Anna Desilets, executive director of Alliance for Life. [...]

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Skirmish with the CBC

In February 1990, the PEI branch of the Canadian Youth Pro-Life Organization (CYPLO) organized a Valentine’s Day variety concert as a fund raiser. Like dozens of other groups, they expected to publicize it on the local CBC’s free bulletin board service, They were refused permission to use the service. Controversial “The secretary at the station said nothing touching on abortion would be [...]

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St Catharines’ rally

Close to three hundred pro-life teens and adults met August 18 at Montebello Park in St. Catharines, Ontario for a peaceful rally and walk. Speakers at the rally, organized by Matthew Saranchuk, president of Niagara Youth for Life, included St. Catharines Mayor Joe McCaffery, Joseph Scheidler, executive director of the Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League, Fr. Ted Colleton, and Marilyn Bergeron, president of [...]

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The In Basket

Newspeak triumphant Question: Who of the following comes under the definition of disabled? The person born with a hearing loss of 60 per cent; The homosexual person who, after hundreds of bathhouse liaisons, contracts AIDS; The street person suffering with untreated schizophrenia; The AIDS infected homosexual who deliberately withholds information from his sex partners. If you answered 1 and 3 only, you [...]

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“Gays” celebrate in Ottawa

In the face of deepening concern from Ottawa-area Catholics, St. Joseph’s Church, on June 15 hosted Celebration of Life, an ecumenical memorial service for people who have died of AIDS. “What should have been an occasion to gather to pray for those who have succumbed to this deadly disease was in fact, a reaffirmation of the ‘gay’ lifestyle, said Ottawa nurse Sylvia [...]

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Planned Parenthood shocks Ottawa

In Ottawa, reaction to the growing AIDS epidemic seemed to dominate the late summer months. In mid-August, Gary Guzzo, president of the Central Canada Exhibition, ordered two graphic pamphlets banned from a stand set yup by Planned Parenthood Ottawa. The pamphlets, entitled “News for Gay Men” showed naked homosexuals engaged in oral and anal sex and used “explicit street language” to get [...]

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MP Wants to gag critics

MP Svend Robinson (NDP, Burnaby-Kingsway), a self-declared homosexual, introduced a private member’s Bill on June 27, 1990, which would amend Section 318 of the Criminal Code to include “sex” and “sexual orientation.” This Bill, Mr. Robinson stated, “would provide a clearer method of enforcement so that material which promotes violence and hatred against women, gays, lesbians or bisexuals can be prosecuted as [...]

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Lebel: “I became the scapegoat.”

Report on the President, Canadian Conference of Catholic bishops Plenary Assembly, August 23, 1990 Section on Abortion (Parts were translated from the French) Translation “…Bill C-43 on abortion has been the cause of much work and concern on our part and, it must be said, a difficult test of our patience. “On November 9, 1989, on behalf of the conference, I made [...]

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R.C. bishops: heightened tensions

Pro-lifers came under attack at the annual meeting of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) held at St. Paul’s University in Ottawa in late August. Most Rev. Bishop Robert Lebel, president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, presented an annual overview of CCCB activities. Abortion Under the section dealing with abortion he stated that he “became the scapegoat” for “some [...]

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Family radio set for CRTC hurdle

Residents of the Golden Horseshoe (in Southern Ontario) may soon experience a first in Canadian radio broadcasting – the birth of family alternative radio. Featuring the best in contemporary gospel music, FM 91.7 will broadcast its signal into Southern Ontario and Western New York. The proposed station, based in St. Catharines, would operate on a 24-hour, commercial-free format.  In addition, the station [...]

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The Editorial Pro-life perspective

Ontario pro-lifers must look at the electoral change in the province from their own perspective; i.e., the protection of life and the family. In this light, several points are wroth mentioning. Firstly, the electoral upset was the result – so it seems agreed upon by many – of a general anti-government anger which may very well continue to grow. The NDP happened [...]

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Self-defense, not murder, says court

On August 30, 1986, there was a noisy party at the Winnipeg home of 22-year-old Angelique Lavallee and her common-law husband, Kevin Rust. After most of the guests had left, the two had an argument. The frightened girl hid in a bedroom closet, but Rust found her, pulled her out, slapped her on the face and hit her twice on the right [...]

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