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Abuse of Canada Council Ottawa, Ont. – MP Don Boudria (Lib. Glengarry), who helped quash a bill to legalize mercy killing last winter, expressed outrage that Vancouver’s John Hofsess is using Canada Council money to promote his Right to Die Society. In a newsletter obtained by the Ottawa Sun, Hofsess said that he wanted to buy television time to show people “the [...]

The Gervais homily of May 3: some reflections

Part 1: L’informateur catholique The Bishop’s criticism…introduces elements of ambiguity and even contradiction. On May 3, 1992, Ottawa’s Archbishop Marcel Gervais addressed the Human Life International (HLI) Conference during a closing liturgy. American-based HLI is the world’s largest Catholic pro-life group. Through his homily the Archbishop, who is also the President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), hoped to reach [...]

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OECTA obstructs battle for identity

The Toronto-based Catholic Register (February 29, 1992) pointed out that “the clock is ticking” for Ontario’s Catholic Schools. “Unless a few lines, inserted into the Ontario Education Act of 1986, are repealed,” stated the editorial, “the separate school system will begin to lose most of its Catholic identity in September 1995.” “From then on our school boards will no longer be allowed [...]

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Knitting for ‘preemies’

Ottawa-area Guardian Drugstores and local knitters have teamed up to provide sets of clothing for premature babies or ‘preemies,’ the small patients of hospital neonatal intensive care units. Weighing in at between one and four pounds, ‘preemies’ need the high technology and round-the-clock-care of neo-natal intensive care units. But they also need something quite simple: warm clothing tailored to their small size. [...]

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Is the Human Fetus a Human Being?

In the Toronto Star of Wednesday, May 27th, 1992, an article appeared under the title, “A Question of Control.” The writer is Shelagh Lynne Supeene. She is the author of a book As For the Sky, Falling: a Critical Look at Psychiatry and Suffering. The article is an attempt to find some middle ground between what the writer calls the “Pro-choice” and [...]

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Abortion: the world at a glance

Abortion is now legal in practically all countries of Europe in the U.S. and Canada, in a few countries of Latin America, notably Cuba and Paraguay, in some countries of Africa, such as Zambia and South Africa, in Australia and New Zealand, and in most countries of Asia, especially India and China where it is not just legal but strongly promoted by [...]

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How I escaped from jail in Buffalo

I was in a group of twenty-two people leaving Toronto Friday afternoon, April 24, to engage in a Rescue early the following morning. About 150 of us were loaded into rented buses and off we went. Even the bus drivers (except the lead bus driver) didn’t know where we were going! There were two sites for the Rescue – one was Amherst, [...]

Operation Fizzle…or Operation Sizzle?

The May issue of Time magazine labeled the Spring of Life Rescue in Buffalo “Operation Fizzle.” Time called it “a symbolic contest” and asserted that Operation Rescue had failed, and that “the clinics were not closed down.” Why the arrests? If the clinics were not closed down, why did the Buffalo Chief of Police feel it necessary to arrest hundreds of pro-lifers [...]

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“Gay” marriages?

The Ottawa Citizen is pushing mightily for legalized homosexual “marriages” in Canada. The paper’s Managing Editor, Sharon Burnside, has denied any homosexual agenda, yet recently told an outraged reader the paper wishes to “foster a more accepting attitude” towards homosexual relationships. In late May the Citizen used its front page for its set purpose. “Landmark lawsuit seeks to legalize gay marriages,” said [...]

An alternative army?

In October 1991 Associate Defense Minister Mary Collins argued that homosexuals should be allowed to serve in the armed forces. “Whether you’re a man or a woman, a black or a white, a Jew or a Christian, a homosexual or not, what does it matter?” she asked a parliamentary committee. MP Pat Nowlan replied that the Americans do not allow homosexuals in [...]

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Homosexual lifestyle Campaign for biological authenticity

Simon LeVay Last summer, Simon LeVay of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego, California, reported on a comparative study of the brains of 19 homosexual men who had died of AIDS and 16 heterosexual men, some of whom had died of AIDS as well. He found that the hypothalamus, the part of the male brain which governs sexual urges, [...]

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Propaganda Barrage

In recent months, mainline newspapers have carried on a veritable war against traditional family values. The homosexual agenda Last September 17, Judy Steed of the Toronto Star produced a page-long article headed, “Gay lawyer battling for job benefits and promotion in Ontario ministry.” In a large photograph, Michael Leshner, the lawyer who alleged discrimination against him, was shown relaxing in a deck [...]

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The promotion of the homosexual lifestyle- Drive for acceptance

“Discrimination” on city square Toronto – In April Toronto’s homosexual councilor Kyle Rae objected to the Salvation Army being allowed to use the City Hall Square to kick off its Red Shield fundraising drive.  He called the Army “homophobic,” and Mayor June Rowlands agreed with his objections.  The Army went ahead with its opening ceremony, but she refused to attend.  (See Interim, [...]

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Insult to injury

If there is a limit to Canadian taxpayers’ capacity to shoulder heavy and insupportable burdens with quietude, they have no demonstrated it.  I believe the reason for their patience is that they keep expecting the authorities to come to their senses.  Evidence of the later, however, keeps pointing in the opposite direction.  Witness the following two court cases in 1991. Gerard O’Sullivan [...]

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You were asking

I understand that exact scientific knowledge of the beginning of human life is only recent.  How recent?  E.L. Saskatchewan I quote the evidence given by Sir William Liley (the Father of Fetology) in the Borowski Trial, in Regina: “It was in 1930 that the liberation of an ovum from the human ovary was first observed.  In 1944 the union of human ovum [...]

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