Mary Wagner challenges law denying humanity of unborn child

By Lianne Laurence Special to The Interim A landmark Charter challenge to the Canadian law that denies the humanity of the child in the womb has been filed with the Supreme Court of Canada. Mary Wagner, well-known pro-life advocate and inspiration for the burgeoning Red Rose Rescue movement in the United States, launched the Charter challenge during the course of her 2013 [...]

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Top 10 stories of 2020

Catholic school trustee finds Church’s catechism ‘dangerous’ During debate on reopening their decision to censure Toronto Catholic District School Board trustee Michael Del Grande, one of his colleagues, Norm Di Pasquale, objected to one presentation which quoted the Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality and transgenderism. Di Pasquale interrupted the reading of a passage from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, called it [...]

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Argentina steps closer to legalizing abortion

By Interim Staff By a 131-117 vote, with six abstentions, Argentina's lower house passed a pro-abortion bill after 20 hours of contentious debate. The bill now goes to the senate. President Alberto Fernandez's left-wing Frente de Todos (Everybody's Front) has only a minority in the Chamber of Deputies, but has a majority in the Senate so the bill, which liberalizes the country's [...]

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Mary Stopes changes name

By Paul Tuns London-based abortion giant Marie Stopes International changed its name last month to MSI Reproductive Choice in an attempt to distance itself from the eugenic views of its namesake. The organization now goes by MSI Reproductive Choices. Stopes campaigned for the legalization of birth control in England in the early 1900s and, like many progressives of her era, supported eugenics, [...]

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Canada should join the Geneva Consensus Declaration

Matthew Wojciechowski Commentary On Oct. 22, the United States, along with 32 other nations, signed the Geneva Consensus Declaration, a historic joint agreement reaffirming that every human being has the inherent right to life and that the natural family, the fundamental unit of society, must be protected. This is a significant development at the international level. It’s also the same message Campaign [...]

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Considerations on the ethics of vaccines

Interim writer, Rory Leishman, National Affairs By Rory Leishman In a press release on August 25, the World Health Organization (WHO) certified that Africa is now free of the wild poliovirus. But, alas, this does not mean that the irreversibly paralyzing and incurable virus has finally been eradicated from the entire African continent. To the contrary, in this same press [...]

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Pro-life opinion divided over ethics of new COVID vaccines

By Paul Tuns Two new vaccines aimed to protect people from COVID-19, from Moderna and Pzifer, have been lauded by some U.S. pro-life groups, but still pose ethical problems. In early November, within days of each other, Moderna and Pfizer announced that they were close to getting a vaccine to market as early trials indicated a success rate of protecting 95 per cent [...]

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Alberta NDP push abortion access guarantee

On Sept. 29, members of the Select Special Public Health Act Review Committee of the Alberta legislature debated adding abortion access to the province's Public Health Act. The motion was put forward by NDP MLA Kathleen Ganley (Calgary-Mountain View) and was defeated in committee the following day on a straight party-line vote, with the NDP committee members supporting it and the United [...]

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Amnesty International reasserts pro-abortion position

On Sept. 28, Amnesty International, the international human rights group, announced it was updating its "sexual and reproductive rights" policy, essentially reaffirming its pro-abortion position. Amnesty International had previously supported abortion in certain circumstances, although it released papers and launched campaigns that supported broadening abortion in numerous countries and circumstances. It now calls for full decriminalization of abortion. Amnesty International is "calling [...]

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‘No international right to abortion’: coalition

On Oct. 22, a coalition of 32 countries led by the United States and representing 1.6 billion people issued a declaration that there is “no international right to abortion.” The declaration explains its purpose is to express, “the essential priority of protecting the right to life” and promoting “strength of the family and of a successful and flourishing society.” It also states [...]

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Canadian university offers course normalizing abortion

Dalhousie University in Halifax is now offering a course to its health students in an effort to make abortion “normal” in healthcare practices and society. The course, “Interprofessional Care of Surgical and Medical Abortion Patients,” is officially a “mini-course,” consisting of four 90-minute sessions. The school’s course guide says, “This mini course will help provide students with information on the history of [...]

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Pro-life friendly premier wins majority in NB

Going back to the polls two years after winning a minority government, Blaine Higgs' Progressive Conservatives won a majority in Canada's first COVID-19 pandemic election in a campaign in which the abortion issue featured prominently. In 2018, the PCs won 22 of the New Brunswick legislature's 49 seats, while the Liberals won 21. PC leader Blaine Higgs became leader because of the [...]

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B.C. pink flag display highlights sex-selective abortions

On Sept. 12, three MPs joined three pink flag displays organized by We Need a Law in the British Columbia lower mainland. The displays were intended to inform the public about the practice of sex-selective abortion in Canada, which studies have indicated target girl preborn children in some immigrant communities. MP Cathay Wagantall (CPC, Yorkton-Melville), who introduced Bill C-233, the Sex Selective [...]

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U.S. election offers stark choice on abortion

The U.S. election is about many issues including the fitness of the two major candidates to lead and the president’s handling of the pandemic and the economy. A major difference between the parties and presidential candidates is their approach to abortion, which would have been important to many voters but will have a higher profile and could become the issue of the [...]

Keep America

In 1994, the United States of America was enjoying peace and prosperity. The Cold War was over, the economy was thriving, and the third-youngest president in the country’s history had recently been elected; he and his centrist policies enjoyed popular support. And yet, even as the good times were rolling, a 5-foot-tall Albanian religious sister offered this country a dire warning and [...]

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