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Bits and Pieces

Canada More than 30 pro-lifers picket a fundraiser for Kitchener’s Catholic Family Counselling Service which featured former U.S. president Bill Clinton, a notorious pro-abortion politician and philanderer ... Glen Pearson, the Liberal candidate in the London North Centre by-election, says Prime Minister Stephen Harper is muzzling the Tory candidate in the riding, Diane Haskett, a former mayor who refused to proclaim a [...]

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Preparing the family for Christmas

Fr. Ted Colleton God so loved the world that He sent His only Son that we may have life through Him. That is from the first letter of St. John the Apostle. I have been asked to speak about Christmas and its real meaning. Unfortunately Christmas comes to us well wrapped up in the things of the world. The Santa Claus Parade, [...]

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Brave front in wake of Clinton re-election

By: Mike Mastromatteo Interim Staff Opinion is mixed in the pro-life community over the November 5 election of Bill Clinton to his second term as U.S President. Despite less than overwhelming support for Republican challenger Bob Dole, U.S. pro-life organizations preferred the Senate House leader’s plodding patriotism to the shifting values of the Democratic incumbent. “Where is the outrage?” was the theme [...]

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Finding some room for theory of evolution

By: M.M De Robertis and J.G Laframboise Mainstream Protestantism and Catholicism do not reject, a priori, the hypothesis that we, Homo sapiens, evolved over millions of years from simpler life-forms. This may come as a surprise to many practicing Christians, but this is the clearly articulated position of these two faith communities and has most recently been confirmed in a statement by [...]

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Bubble zone case, round three

British Columbia’s pro-life community will appeal a provincial Supreme Court decision upholding the province’s “bubble zone” legislation. Despite growing disenchantment with the legal system, pro-life supporters plan to continue to press for their rights to peaceful public witnessing against abortion. The bubble zone law was ruled unconstitutional by B.C Provincial Court Judge E.J Cronin in January. The decision was immediately appealed by [...]

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Liberals moving closer to assisted-suicide law

The federal Liberals may be moving closer to assisted-suicide legislation following the party’s national convention in late October. Convention delegates endorsed a motion calling for the repeal of Section 241(b) of the Criminal Code which would allow doctors to help terminally ill patients end their lives. The initiative was sponsored by the Young Liberals of Canada. While Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and [...]

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