The Holy Spectre haunting the movement

By Josie Luetke Shortly after I became involved in the pro-life movement, I became cognizant of the push by mostly younger members to secularize its branding, even though we were all Christian. Green as I was and enamored with the clarity of the science of when life begins and the simplicity of the philosophical arguments against abortion, I was sympathetic. Pro-life could [...]

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The real We scandal: its support for abortion

The summer political news cycle was dominated a scandal that saw the Federal Liberals give money to the We Charity, which had paid speaking fees to members of the Trudeau family and provided travel to the family of then-finance minister Bill Morneau. In the Spring, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced $900-million in new funding for students who could not find summer work [...]

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Toronto schools may get chance to see Unplanned

On August 29, Campaign Life Coalition Youth urged the Toronto Catholic District School Board to encourage all high schools to show the pro-life movie Unplanned, an idea endorsed by the Student Achievement and Well-Being, Catholic Education, and Human Resources standing subcommittee. Emily Price, co-coordinator of CLCY, and Shania Nigli, a CLC summer student, advocated for the showing of Unplanned, a film depicting [...]

2019-10-16T05:00:11-04:00October 15, 2019|Pro-Life, Youth Activism|

CLC global affairs rep protested for church talk in Alberta hometown

Emily Price When Emily Price returned to her hometown of Athabasca, Alberta, to give a pro-life talk at her local church, she did not expect to make the local newspaper as the subject of protest spurred on by national and provincial abortion “rights” groups. Price, a co-coordinator of Campaign Life Coalition Youth and CLC’s global policy and research coordinator, spoke [...]

2019-09-18T09:16:35-04:00September 18, 2019|Pro-Life, Society & Culture, Youth Activism|

Campaign Life goes to Steubenville Toronto

Nikola Vanderheyden mans the Campaign Life Coalition Youth booth at the Steubenville Toronto Conference. Each year the Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto hosts its Steubenville Youth Conference. Originating in Steubenville, Ohio, the conference has branched out to numerous North American cities, including Toronto. With the goal of “glorifying God and bring souls to Him”, Steubenville Toronto gives Catholic youth an encounter [...]

2019-09-16T08:52:57-04:00September 16, 2019|Pro-Life, Society & Culture, Youth Activism|

Google whistle-blower suspended after suggesting Big Tech manipulating elections

Greg Coppola A senior engineer at one of America’s biggest tech firms has been put on administrative leave after expressing fears that firms like his are interfering in elections. Software engineer Greg Coppola spoke to Project Veritasfounder James O’Keefe about the ways in which Google manipulates information to advance a left-wing bias. “I don’t have a smoking gun,” he said. [...]

2019-09-10T11:27:31-04:00September 10, 2019|Activism, Election, Politics|

LiveAction blocked by Pinterest: Big Tech targets pro-lifers

On June 11, LiveAction, a major pro-life organization, and the investigative journalism group Project Veritas, announced that Pinterest, a social media platform with 291 million monthly users, was censoring LiveActionand other conservative posts by blocking their content as pornographic and spreading “misinformation and conspiracy theories about anti-vaxxers.” Prior to the information being released, Project Veritasreached out to Pinterest for a comment about [...]

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Government-sanctioned euthanasia report offers little direction on killing children

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition executive director Alex Schadenberg said three reports do not offer much guidance on the issue of whether to expand euthanasia eligibility. The long-awaited reports from the Council of Canadian Academies (CCA) concerning the possible extension of euthanasia  to children (mature minors), to incompetent people who made an “advanced request,” and to people for psychological conditions alone was [...]

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The pro-life movement’s PR problem

Talk Turkey Josie Luetke As the story of CLC Youth Coordinator Marie-Claire Bissonnette being assaulted during Life Chain by Jordan Hunt has been covered by everyone from conservative figures like Ben Shapiro and Andrew Scheer to millennial media sites Narcity, blogTO, and Vice, to YouTubers h3h3Productions, Chris Ray Gun, and Sargon of Akkad, I felt I shouldn’t miss the opportunity [...]

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Unfit to print

On Sunday, Sept. 30, a peaceful pro-life protest was the occasion of an unprovoked assault. After defacing both the signs and the clothing of participants at a LifeChain intersection in Toronto, a man, later identified as Jordan Hunt, was confronted about his acts of outright vandalism and assault by pro-life activist and Campaign Life Coalition Youth Coordinator, Marie-Claire Bissonnette. The brief conversation [...]

2018-11-23T10:37:43-05:00November 23, 2018|Abortion, Abortion Law, Editorials, LifeChain, Youth Activism|

Violent altercation at Ryerson will not deter pro-lifers

Katie Somers was assaulted at Ryerson University during a pro-life demonstration On Oct. 1, Katie Somers of Toronto Against Abortion (TAA) was assaulted at Ryerson University during a pro-life demonstration. TAA released video of a peaceful discussion between pro-life activists and a number of pro-abortion counter-protesters that was interrupted by Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective (RRJC) member Gabby Skwarko, when the [...]

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Pro-life policies win at Conservative convention

Grassroots pro-life and pro-family delegates scored a number of victories at the Conservative policy convention in Halifax, August 23-25. Campaign Life Coalition vice president Jeff Gunnarson, said, “overall, the pro-life-and-family movement had a hugely successful convention,” despite missing out on what he called “the top prize” of deleting Article 65. That article, added to the policy handbook in 2016, commits a Conservative [...]

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Cyril Winter, RIP

First person arrested under Ontario’s bubble zone law dies Cy Winter, the first Ontarian charged under the province's new bubble zone law, passed away. Cyril Winter, 70, passed away March 9 at the Ottawa Heart Center following complications from stenting surgery to fix several coronary arteries. Hours before he passed away, Winter wrote on Facebook: “Stent day but no guarantee [...]

70-year-old man first to be arrested under bubble zone law

Cyril Winters being arrested on Feb. 7 for allegedly breaking the Safe Access for Abortion Services Act. A longtime pro-life advocate has become the first person arrested under Ontario’s new bubble zone law that outlaws pro-life speech outside abortion centres. Cyril Winter, 70, was first arrested Feb. 7 and then again two days later in front of the Morgentaler abortion [...]

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Pro-life, parental rights candidate shakes up Ontario PC race

Tanya Granic Allen Tanya Granic Allen, a 37-year-old mother of four children and former president of the parents’ rights group Parents As First Educators, announced on Feb. 8, that she intended to run for the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party leadership. In an email to PAFE supporters, Granic Allen resigned from the parental rights group in order to run. “I’m stepping [...]

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