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Cabinet choices a mixed bag

On Feb. 6, Stephen Harper and his cabinet were sworn in to office. The initial reaction of social conservatives has been one of cautious optimism overall, but there are specific criticisms regarding key portfolios. According to Campaign Life Coalition, nine of 26 cabinet ministers – more than a third – are pro-life. The March CLC National News, reported that the pro-life personnel [...]

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Ethics and organ donation

When you get to the bottom of the issue of organ donation, there are two main arguments used against pro-lifers in their concerns about the practice: dying patients don’t need organs anyway and improving another person’s life is a truly pro-life position. Neither argument holds any water. Regarding the first argument, the moral principle is simple: it is never permissible to purposely [...]

2010-08-16T11:16:47-04:00March 16, 2006|Bioethics, Editorials|

Harper on the right track with judicial appointments

Even before Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that parliamentarians would be allowed to “interview” his appointee to the Supreme Court of Canada, the chattering classes were in apoplexy over the “politicization” of the judicial appointment process. The chief justice of the Canadian Supreme Court, Beverly McLachlin, warned Canada’s new prime minister not to “politicize” the appointment system to the court. She told [...]

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Bits and Pieces

Canada Speaking at the party’s policy convention in Niagara Falls, Ontario Progressive Conservative leader John Tory said that parents with children in private religious schools will get help, most likely in the form of tax credits, with tuition fees if his party is elected in next year’s election. When he ran for the PC leadership in 2004, Tory indicated that he opposed [...]

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For Hollywood, ideology trumps money

Many believe that the entertainment machines of Hollywood are motivated by nothing but crass commercialism, that the people who make movies are enslaved to mammon. An examination of the numbers, however, reveals that movies might be better and more interesting if they were. If Hollywood were motivated solely by the profit motive, the buying public might more often be offered films they [...]

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